Shield's customization is fucked up for ragdolls

  • Does TBS even check this section? Anyway, this bug has been in the game since forever and it seems such an easy fix that idk any more.

    The emblem and custom colors you chose for your characters (in the Customization section) is replaced on your ragdoll’s shield which is pretty annoying and inconsistent, since your bad ass emblem might be replaced with a pink butterfly (this happened to me quite a few times, pick up that “Deerhunter” sigil).

    This affects Knights, MaAs and so far I’m 100% sure it happens in FFA/Duels only.


    • This only affects the emblem on the shield model for some reason and not the emblem painted on the character’s model. Happens with any kind of shield (kite, tower, round).
    • Happens with free AND paid skins. ALL emblems are switched.

    Repro steps:
    1. Customize the shield for your Knight/MaA (FFA/Duels)
    2. Pick Knight/MaA in FFA or Duels.
    3. Get killed.
    4. Notice how the shield colors/emblem are mixed up on your corpse’s ragdoll.


    (Notice how the fleur-de-lis emblem is switched to some electric pony kind of thing.)

    I’m attaching my UDKCustomization file just in case it’s of any help.

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