360 version stopped allowing full game access

  • I had an old Xbox 360 console die on me. I took the HDD drive from the old one and put it in a new one and now when I try to run Chivalry it acts like the trial version with no multiplayer option and asking me to buy the full game. I have wiped it from my hard drive twice to re-install it and it doesn’t work. The game recognizes the customizations I made to outfits and I have an achievement from the full game on my account - gamertag ElectricGypsy72 - and had no problem running on the other console before it died. Please help me get back online!!!

  • I’m sorry, but why is no one answering this? I bought your game and now can’t play it. I need your help. Please contact me or answer this question above. Thank you.

  • Well its not a pc tbh. I’d suggest you copy your steam folder onto the new hard drive in that new xbox?
    Its quite possible that old hard drive is tied to the old xbox, as in if a bios exists on the new xbox it will
    only have the hard drive it came with tied to it. tbh I am not even vaguely familiar of how those xboxs
    work, but godzilla clone in was read about somewere from linux.

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