Where are (some of) the new maps?

  • Hey everyone, for some reason I only see games on 3 of the 7 new maps. I couldn’t find any server that has Impasse, No Mercy, Forest and Colosseum. Are they still in beta, do I have to buy them or they simply just suck and aren’t played?

    Could someone help me out, please?

  • The maps are there, just probably not in any current map rotations (you can still call a map vote for them though).

  • I put them in rotation on the |ĶiĻă| THUNDERDOME server along with many other great custom maps. feel free to hop in and do a map vote.

    Name: Kila THUNDERDOME Custom/Mix-Chicago twitch.tv/sirretsnom
    Server address: kila.game.nfoservers.com:6000

  • As for SM we run TO only servers, so we currently have irilla, shore, cove and hideout as well as the old TO maps

    The maps that you mention are less popular since they’re FFA/TDM/KOTH etc., maps, so less populated servers

    (we’ve currently dropped Coldfront and Citadel - although we like citadel we still have issues with server crash/mass disconnect after one of the objectives, so was removed due to stability)

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