New Server Help Please

  • Hey Guys,

    I just bought a new server from And I am looking to turn it into just a last team standing server. But I know no idea what I am doing or how to make it just last team standing. I do not know anything about coding and ive been reading this thread all day today and most of it is command lines for example Reserved Slots, never get stuck outside your own server again… I know no idea how to do … Also I read their is a chivalry rcon tool and went to this page ( but I couldn’t find a link to download it. Any help will be appreciated.


  • if you look at the servers pcserverudkgame.ini file and look for the server maplist - just include LTS maps that you want there. (you can find the exact LTS mapnames if you open the ingame console (’) and do “maplist lts”

    The rcon tool I don’t think is publicly available as it was unstable.

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