Kickstarter Helmet

  • Hey TB, I know this has been asked of you time and time again. But here I’m going to ask you guys one more time, to reconsider giving the community a chance to buy the Kickstarter helm (Or a very similar variant) that only 23 people got the chance to buy. It’s a shame such a great helm is so underused, i’ve only seen it once or twice in the 3 years i’ve been playing Chivalry.

    If there’s a legal issue in rereleasing the helm, Could you guys consider a reskin with different trimming? The fact that only 23 people have the helm is really a shame. It’s not just the kickstarter helm, but it’s Malric’s helm and the Mason knights helm from the original AOC. Us original AOC players didn’t get anything to show our support! So maybe consider releasing Malrics or the Mason Crusader helm from AOC instead?

  • All goobers should have them.

  • I’d use a veteran agathan vanguard helm for knight.

    infact i’d use a vet. agatha vanguard helmet for everything

  • I say make it unlockable when you complete all the achievements, plus something like 1000 hours clocked. It’s been 3 years…

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