Customization and configuration resetting when I restart the game?

  • Every time I close the game, it resets my customization and configuration. So I have to customize every time I start up the game. It seems that the customization/configuration isn’t “saving”? I went into Program Files to try to see what was wrong. I found the chivalrymedievalwarfare folder and looked at the properties, and saw that Read Only was checked. I unchecked Read Only and applied it. That did nothing, because whenever I uncheck Read Only it resets just like the game configuration. So I went into the Security tab in Properties, and allowed Writing. Which, of course didn’t work either. I did the same with the Chivalry Medieval Warfare folder in Documents, which didn’t work. So this seems like it’s an issue with my PC and not the game.

    Although I don’t think this will help the issue here is the DxDiag and Launch.log:

    Thanks for any help!

    • Owen

  • You need to go into your documents folder and check the read-status.
    \Documents\my games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config
    The folder should show read only sortof checked, but the files within should not be read only.

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