Linux Issues

  • I have recently switched to Linux Mint from Windows 7, and there are many issues with the Linux version of the game. Server welcome messages, TO markers, and optimization are all screwed up. I posted this thread in hopes of maybe releasing a patch for Linux users that fixed these issues.

  • Hello [Gangsteroflove], welcome to the forums and good luck. I wish you the best on your endeavor.

    I am sure this was printed and posted on the tack board over there at TBS, moments before another groggy employee with their hot coffee tears it down first thing in the morning and crumbled it up to be used for trashcan NBA.

  • You know I often consider switching to Linux as atm I have 2 pcs with w7 pro, 1 with w8 pro, 2 with w8.1 pro
    plus a few windows 10 preview rigs, After I picked myself up off the ground in stout laughter at my stupid
    notions about linux. However that aside, my suggestion is to install the best ever gaming bistro
    called Ultimate. It was fantastic and played, guess what ? games! yes. Or you trading that bricked
    linux box for a xbox console imo.

  • I definitely recommend switching to Linux Mint over any other distro. Crunchbang is also a good gaming distro. I have never heard of Ultimate but I will look into it!

  • Thank you Caliko! lol

  • Hey there [gangsteroflove]

    If you could provide the following information:

    1. What the issue is in more depth. (be as descriptive as possible)

    2. Attach your DxDiag.txt file equivalent for linux

    3. Attach your Launch.Log file (To find your launch file in windows, go to My Documents then to My Games then to Chivalry then UDKGame then go to Log folder.)

    4. Post any screenshots if you think it may be relevant to your issue and easier to explain. Especially the TO markers and the welcome messages.

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