Ninja dodge issue

  • I got DW like a year ago and have been enjoying it on and off. But there is this one issue I’ve been getting. Whenever I press v to dodge someone as ninja I get this weird rubber banding effect. I’ve talked to multiple people and each of them have given some partial help but still I get this awful rubber band effect. I don’t believe It’s connection, I get about 30-50 on most servers. To lay it out, when I dodge say someone swinging at me, I’ll roll underneath the sword and then swing in the spot where they would be (on my screen) and then they’ll “teleport” way ahead of me. It’s been very annoying and I’m really hoping someone can help me!

  • Do you think it could be other people lagging? Seems like your connection is fine, but to be honest i get the same thing on medieval warfare. I rubber band and i packet loss quite a bit. You may have the same issue as me…

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