What annoys you most about Chivalry?

  • @Aurane:

    Hittrades is not an option? Actually make me cri

    That and reverse overheads.

    So true man, add hittrading to the questions prease

  • @Oy:

    Lol, the pot calling the kettle a troll.

    It is true tbh. For the last year or more this pleb has done nothing but make personal attacks on Lemon/myself and others.
    It pops its ugly head in now and again to reveal its bitter twisted squid like ways spraying its fowl ink on decent folk.
    I would even recommend a complete removal of him from game and boards.

  • Why just “MaA dodge?” Anything MaA annoys me more than even archers.

  • Maa dodge as the obvious choice. Just remove dodge out of recovery and I am fine with it.

    And Messer. It is beyond anything how much this piece of crap annoys me. Never did I ever have to deal with anything remotely as OP in any other game. Put a tiny bit of effort in in, spin to win + wonky animation and inconsistent bullshit hit detection and voila –> MLG skill best player World. If that doesnt kill your opponent throw in some (body)feints. Wait, you dont want to put in any effort whatsoever? Gamble your Messer to victory and force all the trades!
    I am mostly a Knight ingame btw (1060h in total and probably 700h as knight). I use any 2h Knight weapon with pleasure but I absolutely avoid this piece of scrap metal because it is just soooo easy to play with it, that it feels cheap the second I see the skin.

    I`m probably exaggerating because I am really salty due to that thing, but you get the jist of what I mean. Also I think, there is probably a lot of truth hidden in my rant.

  • Wouldn’t the removale of 3rd person get rid of some of the reverse overhead?

  • I don’t think it would entirely Mr Nedsat , if I increase my sens by 3 or more, they are not a problem for me to manage.
    fov 90 in first person knight since release of game tbh. Made a thread about removing the roh on steam also.
    my suggestion still would be to make it costly to stamina, sort of use twice as much as a normal 2h sword swing.

  • wheres hit trades? obviously

  • I don’t think it would remove it entirely either but the risk of doing a reserves overhead in 1st person view seems far greater than in 3rd person.

    Another way to reduce the abuse of reserves overheads and other instant like attacks could be to make the first few degress of the attack arc only do 50% damage.

  • @nedsat:

    Wouldn’t the removale of 3rd person get rid of some of the reverse overhead?

    UM no, most players I know who do it the most play in 1st person. About your 50% damage at the begining of the attack phase is pretty much like C:DW. Not sure if that would make all that much difference. While annoying at times it is not that big of a deal.

  • Archers, duh.

  • 1. Archers
    2. 3rd person high fov lawn lickers. They look ridiculous and their 360’ awareness is annoying and unrealistc
    3. Teammate vanguards charging in my back, missing everything but me.

  • Why isnt “Toxic players” on the list?

    Cant belive dancing ballarina is voted so low.

  • @SgtHannes:

    Cant belive dancing ballarina is voted so low.

    They aren’t hard to counter.

  • Might be a bit confused about what a dancing ballarina is. There are many things that could fall under that catagory.

  • These “annoying things” are part of this game. No, I don’t prefer fighting a team with multiple skilled archers or getting suckered by feints, but that’s my problem. What does irk me is the lag situation.

  • @Gnarlydude:

    These “annoying things” are part of this game. No, I don’t prefer fighting a team with multiple skilled archers or getting suckered by feints, but that’s my problem. What does irk me is the lag situation.

    So in your opinion, unbalanced and broken things in a game shouldn’t be touched or complained about because they’re “part of the game”?

  • I don’t think that any of the listed things are broken or unbalanced. For every one of those things there is a solution. Feints? Don’t get suckered. Archers? Smoke and shield. Don’t like shields? Kick. Drags? To me, that is what makes the game great- variable swing speed is realistic. People complain about certain loadouts being overpowered, but there are other “OP” loadouts to counter them.

  • Why do I have to use a shield just because someone plays archer?
    Smoke can easily be removed with some simple settings, or it doesn’t show properly either way.

  • @Silu:

    They aren’t hard to counter.

    That might be the case on a perfect low ping duelling server, but in Other modes T/O , FFA, TDM etc combined with
    excruciating high fovs, lets not forget some are much faster with those faster, longer ranged swords then they should
    be imo, without going to deep about that, add some ping of 40 or higher then its all in that vans or dancers favour.
    descending on players who’s kicks pass through them.

    They hit you once and when you look they are like half a
    football field away already recharging to head back into you, while you try to fight off the other high lagged
    dancers. They come back at you, for another uber fast swing, why some of them even throw in a
    session of looking up/down toggle animation breaking stuff with over head reverse into crouch
    instant kill. Remember its those stupidly high fovs that allow all that for the dancers also.

    Duelling on comfy duelling servers must not be made to assume the game on others modes is fair
    or balanced at all.

  • There are many playstyles I absolutely hate, but like another person already said, thats my problem and I have to deal with it by getting better or running away from that player for all eternity.
    I still think the poll is quite interesting; ESPECIALY the fact that feints are rated so low, considering thats what everyone complains about ingame.

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