The usual bug server browser

  • The trouble with the server browser is I think it does not work correctly.
    Today I find a T/O server
    Some dump called Chivalrous T/O server Archer limit a 40 slot,
    Only to find on connection it excludes ranks 40 and above?
    After this connection refused on joining another server from browser , game crashes as usual.

    As if all these low rank servers were not bad enough , to then find rank 40 and above not allowed
    is crass imo, but then add browser crashes. I even think this crass server is a sim rai one imo.

    Point being what ever your doing wrong with the memory allocation in the browser is
    not working, many players fear to many uses of the browser eventually causes crashes.
    esp after a few unable to join/ or excluded attempts it automatically crashes game out
    just as you connect to a game on the last trip out.

  • You found a private server you dont like… aww you poor kid, post another salty song.

  • Ref, redcard this offtopic specialist who just derails threads and purely attacks other members constantly.

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