Looking for new moderators/admins.

  • @dudeface

    Name: Pallas
    Steam profile link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pallas_Is_Bad
    Age : 18
    Region : North America (EST)
    Reason for Applying : The reason I am applying for administration privileges is that it seems admins are inactive or sparsely populating the Official servers as of late. I feel that I could be of some assistance in that regard, as I am fair but firm in all situations. My main goal being of course to continue to keep this small but adamant community alive and to allow newer players the same enjoyment that I experienced (and still do) on this game some three years ago.
    Relevant Experience : I have managed a multitude of successful and well respected duelyards such as NA Public Duels, Serenity Duelyard, Fourth Legion Competitive, and lastly Keabs’ Classic Duels. I also have managed other game servers as well as hosting them such as World of Warcraft private servers.

  • @dudeface

    Name: The Soldier
    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FUUCkTheSYstem/
    Age : 19
    Region : EU west
    Reason for Applying : My reason for looking to be a admin is, that i saw 4-5 hacker in chivalry and i think the most admin that chivalry does have are inactive, I reported 2 hackers today and I am feeling good by this because they flamed the guys of this server. If, i get the chance to be an admin i will take it and do my best my can to take the hakers out of this game it is still living and thats because there are not any hackers.
    Relevant Experience: I was a admin at a duelyard server since for two years, well i know the commands for the important rules and i never abused the admin controls. My duelyard server was the most time at 12/12 player and i banned 4 people because hacking in CMW reasons: speedhack/ping control and aimbot.

  • Name: WienerSchnitzel
    Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198308879753/
    Age: 25
    Region: EU/Germany

    I’m applying because in my opinion there’s a huge lack of official admins who are active and online on a regular basis. I do often play on the classic duel servers EU and it‘s very rare to see an Admin there. I already dealt with lag switchers, hackers and toxic people and reported some of them to the official Admins. But the reason why i want to apply are the players who want to have fun actually. I want to keep the game fun for them as good as possible. Those players have to suffer because one or two guys ruining the game for them by constantly trolling, insulting or hacking. This is what i want to keep an eye on.
    I want the players who actually want to play the game to have fun on the official servers. I want them to play the game. As official Admin it would be my part to let them play and care about people who‘re messing around.

    About my experience: I am one of the leaders of the OLD ALLIANCE and i‘m also a server admin on our server and on some other private servers. Therefore, I am able to distinguish between players who are only lagging and those who are actually hacking. We already caught people using any kind of hacks to get an advantage. We also try to convince smurfs to join our server with their main account as smurfs aren‘t very welcome on our server.
    I am aware about the responsibilities an admin has to bear hence i would appreciate if you give me the chance to make the official servers a better place.

    Yours faithfully

  • Name: Mcdude
    Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197984584717
    Age: 32
    Region: United Kingdom

    Reason for Applying: Mainly due to a consistant lack of admins throughout the day combined with how much time i spend on it, which is enough to get to rank 60. I play at all times of the day since i have strange working hours, and often see a single player going out his way to be abusive or baiting people into team damage just to kick them, and with not enough people around at these times to administrate they often get away with it for to long.

    Relevant Experience: I was an admin on an arma 2 dayz server a long time ago and also en empyrion server which recently closed down. I also work part time online so am familiar with a little coding and also with various ingame console commands.

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  • Name: Stahleis

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sogarhieroben/

    Age: 15

    Region: Europe (dw)

    Reason for Applying: I am applying becouse i play chivalry on a daily basis. When i play on the most of the time only active official server, there will almost always be glicthers (mainly 1 shot and infinite fire glitchers), players using the chat in a way wich is against the official server rules and abusing or/and spamming the votekick function. If i try to votekick them, the votekick will most likely fail and often i will get votekick myself by those players. I would help the dying game by getting those who ruin the experience for others to stop it, with words or admin commands.

    Relevant Experience: Admin on a duel server in mw for about 10 months, admin on a dw server since 3-4 months. I also created a custom map server for C:DW with my right now only custom map and other custom maps.

  • Name: Jurra

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059797702/

    Age: 16

    Region: Sweden, EU

    Reason for Applying: I am applying becouse i play chivalry very often and I enjoy this game a lot, But sometimes this game is very toxic cuz there are always ppl who glitch, abuse votekick or being stupid in chat. I think that isn’t fun at all and that something must be done. Thats why I would like to represent myself so I can have a chance to fix those things and make DW a happier place.

    Relevant Experience: I’ve been an Admin on a duelserver and know how to deal with those ppl who make this game not enjoyable.

  • oh, hellooo, didnt see ya there
    as of now, you have probably heard of me, or even met me, but anyways, imma talk a bit about myself…
    (or just scroll down, to the “normal”, boring review everybody writes)

    i play mostly ffa, but might get into some TO, or LTS. I dont care too much of winning, at least in ffa, as i rather just talk to the guys playing, while having some fights with people who attack me, as i mostly enjoy the community… mostly… there are some incidents where people become toxic in chad, and most of the time start votespamming and abusing.

    Name: Lavatsj

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035585067/

    Age: 16

    Region: Norway, Europe

    Reason for Applying: Well. of course, as everyone here; i play chivalry alot, and very often see toxic people in chad. I also notice really much votekick spam and abuse, poeple tryin to kick others for petty reasons like feints, “hacking” because of winning, becoming king, being archer, and all kinds of weird jelousy reasons… and all this always happens as there is no admins around to tell them. Yes, i could just tell them next time they do somethin its a bad, and pretend i am an admin, but i really dont enjoy lying like that, and would like the opportunity to actually insta kick, or even ban (if i dare to do that…), just to let people know im serious.

    Relevant Experience: uhm, i usually do tell people, and try to fix toxic argues in chad (not only in chiv, but also other games with important communities), but nothing official or documented. oh, and i make games for pc too, like programming and such, but still, nothing released or out in the official…

  • Name: Ziggylata

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ZiggylataALT/

    Age: 20

    Region: US East and US Central

    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc): Recently, ive been playing more and more Chivalry than I really have before. Ive been bettering myself as a player and Mordhau, a game I was previously excited about, has heavily let me down and I probably wont go back to play it ever. The reason im applying is because im very active and I notice a lot of toxic behavior and almost never see an admin online and while I know I can report anyone toxic, most of it isnt serious enough to warrant the time to report someone, if everyone reported every infraction then the steam group would be flooded with reports. Im not saying they shouldnt report every infraction but they probably arent going to report everything they see, some stuff is just so minor that they dont even think its worth their time. Some people dont even know the rules or know that such rules exist. Personally, if I became a server moderator I would try to give people warnings and make people aware of the rules. I know I can punish people right off the bat but as I said, most people dont even know the rules, and if I try to spread the knowledge that such rules exist then its possible that less people will inhibit toxic behavior. Furthermore, towards myself, I feel having a position such as moderator places responsibility on my shoulders and keeps me being less toxic as well and more what I feel an authority figure should be. I try to be nice and respectful but every so often an archer can get under my skin, just like anyone who plays this game. Having the weight of an official position such as this one would keep me being a responsible respectful person. It always gets me furious when I see a moderator or admin in any community or game that just flaunts their power around like its their right, I feel that behavior is disgusting and the last thing I would do is mimic the behavior I find so repulsive. I would like to keep this game healthy and vibrant to try and keep the lifespan of the community as long as I can and even keep it friendly enough where a new player might not be so disgusted and turned off, I often try to give advice to new players I see (that arent rude, that is) so they can better understand whats going on and not get so frustrated by things like reverses and drags and feints, even right now im trying to teach one of my good friends how to defend things like this so they can enjoy this game that I have sunk nearly 1000 hours into.

    Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc) Its not much, but ive moderated servers and communities in games like Garrysmod, Killing Floor, A few other low-key source games, mostly community run stuff that doesn’t mean much. I think having something like being a moderator of an official game server for chivalry would be a very welcoming experience and could even open the doors to other positions. I am taking this very seriously and I would love the opportunity to become a server moderator or admin. I also have moderate experience with the chivalry admin commands via the console.
    Edit: I have also hosted various servers off of a remote machine I rented out for a few months, this server no longer exists unfortunately just due to lack of funds.

    I really love this game and id love the chance to become a moderator and keep it alive, as I said above. Not everyone knows me in a positive light as, like I said, I think I can get moderately toxic but I also understand the weight of a position and how it reflects towards my seniors, just as a company intern or employee reflects the entire company or the boss. Theres absolutely no way I would let myself be toxic I became a moderator.

    Thanks to Agent Nifty Beetle for telling me about this page and giving me the opportunity to apply.

  • Name: You’re not my dad (also Sven)
    Steam link:
    Age: 16
    Region: EU
    Reason for applying: i realy like the game and your server and i would like to be an admin in it.
    I am very active and play insurgency a lot.
    Experience: i have none but a would like to try

  • Name: Homeskillet
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197972531709/
    Age: 22
    Region: US - East and Central
    Reason for Applying: There’s been an upsurge of griefing in Chivalry lately. Namely, there are a lot more people firepotting teammates or the king during Team Objective matches. Since firepots do not register as team damage, when people try to votekick these griefers, the votekicks fail (because it will say 0% team damage). As such, the US East and Central needs more admins to unilaterally kick these players, or punish them further. Times I have tried to contact an admin via the Steam Chat I have failed to see anyone online. I think US East and Central is lacking in admins now; I’ve only seen Karl on in the past 6 months; I haven’t seen Butternut Squash and I know Gauntlet recently stopped being an admin.
    Relevant Experience: I’ve played Chivalry for four years. I’m rank 59, and I’d say I have a pretty good reputation amongst the community. I don’t have any experience moderating servers, but if I’m made an admin I know I can enforce the Chiv rules fairly and justly. I’m currently a law student, so I have a strong appreciation for following rules and know that, through their enforcement, Chiv can continue to enjoy the fun, active community it has now.

  • Name : Kelth

    Steam profile link : https://steamcommunity.com/id/kelth22/

    Age : 24

    Region : Europe

    Reason for applying : I love this game ! I played more than 1500 hours and I’m still very active. I’m often on my computer so i can help if someone needs me.

    Relevant experience : None but i know how to use commands in console.

  • Name: Sinprodigy
    Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045151185
    Age: 31
    Region: NA
    Reason for Applying: Rarely do you see an admin on. Everyone should be able to play without the votekick spam. An admin there would put an end to that just by being present.
    Relevant Experience: Takes a small bit of effort to be a decent Human being.
    In game almost everyday. Played Chivalry since Xbox360-Xbox One to now PC.

  • Global Moderator

    Name: Homeless (Len) K
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198111144783
    Age: 18
    Region: Europe / Norway
    Reason for Applying: i play and Medieval Warfare on daily bases I’m always active on steam weather its on the pc or phone. I know english very well, both oral wise and when people type, I also know languages such as swedish, norwegian and danish. have had this game for almost 5 years now, I have been through a lot in this game, i have well over a thousand hours on this game and here is why i am applying. To be honest, i play on official Uk FFA servers, thats 90% of what im playing and what I’ve always been playing. I almost never see an admin which is active ingame, there is too much toxicity in the chat, racism, fatshaming and other stuff, personally i dont get offended. But what offends me is that the chivalry Uk ffa community has some problems, Most of the players are the same old veterans, we know eachother very well and there is always someone on the server, I’m one of those veterans. I play FFA everyday atleast 3 hours a day.
    And i know that we need more admins. there is alot of bad mouths in chat that could have been solved easier, This is why I am applying.
    Relevant Experience: Well to start I’ve had my own chivalry server, currently not online as i post this. I have been a moderator of Garry’s Mod server and community which used to be really big (over 3000 members on the group alone) called Darkergaming, sadly the servers were announced offline about 2 years ago. There i was a moderator for 3 years on both the website and on the official server. here is a link of what is left but not active: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/drkrgming. I have also been admin on other small servers but these are not anything special. I have also helped reviving a game on the community with item creation, helping people and watching over the discord.

    Im applying to become a moderator and nothing more and nothing less.

  • Name: Matt Prieur, aka [B]rian [B]oitano

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993928267/

    Age: 25

    Region: North America (Canada)

    Reason for Applying: My good pal [B] Papso recommended that I apply for an admin position. I have been playing Chivalry almost since the game launched (I believe I began playing in January 2013). As of now I have nearly 3.6k hours with the game and continue to play on a regular basis. I can honestly say it is my favourite game of all time.

    I think I would make a great admin because I have a strong knowledge base of the Chivalry community. The Chivalry community has waned in numbers as the years have passed. Nevertheless, much of its incredibly loyal fan base (myself included) continues to play on a regular basis, six years after the game’s release. After playing the game for many years, I generally recognize at least half of the players in any given NA official server. I believe this is a highly valuable skill to have as it provides me with a good sense of the community and the “trouble makers” therein.

    If I were made an admin I would promote the rules of the community and strive to ensure that all players have a pleasurable experience with the game. If promoting this objective means removing some “bad apples” from a server, I will do so. However, I also feel it’s important not to abuse such powers; in my experience most players cease offensive behaviour when sufficiently warned.

    Relevant Experience: I do not have any experience moderating a community on a formal basis. It may be relevant to note that I am a 2nd year law school student and I hold a strong appreciation for the value of rules. I also hope to someday be a judge; I have immense respect for impartiality when moderating any matter, legal or otherwise.

    Thank you for your consideration. As a side note, I implore you to ask fellow members of the community about my reputation for honourable, dare I say, chivalrous behaviour.

    For the glory of Agatha,

    [B]rian [B]oitano

  • Crush
    There are small issues that pop up like people hijacking official servers and repeated TK offenders that pop up every now and then and i have to go and get an admin to come online just to deal with the issue, having admin would mean that i as a more actively playing member of the community could deal with the issue in seconds and save their time and our own waiting for them to load the game
    I am admin on a few discord communities and was admin for old CoD4 servers

  • Global Moderator

    Name: Lagarto

    Steam profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/LagartoVenenos0/

    Age: 28

    Region: EU - Spain

    Reason for Applying: I play this game since the release in 2012 and actually im a very active player, well known by players on the official servers, id really like to help the mod team to make our playtime better and without cheaters or hackers, i also talk 4 diffrent languages (english,spanish,romanian,french) so i could communicate with a larger number of players since i could explain them the rules or diffrent help with issues related with the game or rules.

    Relevant Experience: Admin on Team Fortress 2 official servers (multiplay.co.uk) since 2007-2010, during my play time in chivarly i helped report various cheaters to the mod team usually directly to Valind and other mods available at that time.

  • @dudeface said in Looking for new moderators/admins.:

    Name: Brandi
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198799344385/
    Age: 18
    Region: East Coast US
    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc): I’m not that active in the community (This site) but I’m on the actual game most of my days and the teamkilling, spamming and overall trolling is kind of out of hand. The amount of harassment going around is appalling and not many people report these people so it just keeps happening, even some well known “Respectable” players get away with it. I want to stop it. I’m active about 6-9 hours a day throughout the week except for Sunday. (9AM - 6PM)
    Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc): I have a lot of experience moderating my own streams on a site called rabb.it. I used to stream all day and people would endlessly harass and post obscene images of unspeakable things, not to mention the GIFs of people getting their heads sawed off execution style. Let’s just say dealing with trolls hits close to home and I hate seeing people get away with it.

  • Global Moderator

    @not-crush Making your profile public would help us alot to look at things.

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