Looking for new moderators/admins.

  • Name : Proxanis
    Steam Profile Link :
    ACTUAL : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198203795396/
    REGULAR : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024774254/
    Age : 20
    Region : EU-(France)

    I will try not to make a single mistake of English, I have never been very good at English at School , haha.
    I am a fan of medieval games I was expecting a very realistic game at the time, Chivalry 1 matched my expectations, I stopped playing when there were not many people. I’m staying on the lookout for chivalry 2, but in the meantime Triternion’s proposed game gives a slightly newer look to the real medieval fight. I will not stop at this point, I want to continue the series of the side of good guy. On Chivalry 2, my goal as a moderator or not will be to help others in their misunderstandings of the game, to eliminate cancer, up to use the Thor’s hammer

    I do not really have experience in games, apart from private servers. I was teamspeak configurator for several team, and indeed I had my own team on Chivalry.

  • Name: |KILA| Manic!
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197968122606/
    Age: 28
    Region: NA Central
    Reason for Applying: Chivalry has seen a drop in player count, especially with Mordhau’s release. I had a short hiatus to play Mordhau, but I am back to Chivalry full time as long as there is a person to play with me. With the drop in player count, I have noticed some griefing at the expense of fewer moderators online. I play Chivalry basically any time a TO or FFA server is populated, so my presence can be counted on. The main reason I want to be a moderator is to keep Chivalry alive in a healthy environment. With the announcement of Chivalry 2, I find myself invigorated to be a part of the franchise and wish to further participate and do everything I can do to 1. keep Chivalry alive and well for those who still enjoy the game and 2. partake in every way I can in the continuation of the franchise onto Chivalry 2.
    Relevant Experience: 1800 hours in Chivalry. Rank 56. Full KILA clan member.

  • Name: mr.hemman
    Steam profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198332803747
    Region: US Central
    Reason for Applying: I’ve been very passionate about this game for the last few years, and its community has grown on me a lot. I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and have made many many friends on here, and the community is the cornerstone of this game at heart. I consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded by many good friends that i’ve made here every day i play. In these latter times i’ve even created my own server (Chivalry Refugees), learned a bit about editor to create new custom maps for the community to help add some new things to the game that people can enjoy. I’ve been very involved in keeping the NA community still involved in the game via a steam group chat and discord, which we almost have 100 members as of right now. Simply put, im very passionate about this game and which to see its community stick together in these low population times by keeping the community active and enjoying what this game can offer.With almost 3k hours combined in gameplay/editor, i can only aspire to hopefully be part of the backbone that keeps chivalry vital through continueing to try to organize custom events/keep the community together and engaged with one another.

  • @dudeface

    Name: Phoenix³

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Phoenix4739/

    Age: 19

    Region: United Kingdom

    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc):
    I’m applying because I want to assist the other admins in maintaining the community, there is a fair bit of toxicity in the game, which can make it hard for newer players to enjoy the game; this results in newer players joining a server as a group and kicking anyone else that joins, which then limits the servers that players can join. If a majority of toxicity was eliminated (with taking appropriate action, not just kicking/banning toxic people) it would make the newer players feel more welcome into the community and they would want to be around the higher levels so they can learn the mechanics of the game and improve.
    I would take a hands on approach in the community, working with people to improve their experience and allow everyone to enjoy the game equally.
    I would like to refer to the post below, which is still mostly accurate today, yes there are admins on, and yes they are doing a great job, but they have a lot of servers to cover and not many pairs of hands. I think it would be useful to the current admins/mods to have an extra pair of hands, someone who is active and has a decent understanding of the game.

    (Link to the post) - https://forums.tornbanner.com/topic/28326/more-mods-and-admins-on-official-ffa-uk-servers

    Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc): I have plenty of experience on Garry’s Mod, Owning servers, being Head of Staff, Administrating, Moderating, etc… etc… (I have 3.5k hours with majority of it being Administration and Moderation). This experience means that I am fair, and I am also very good at seeing situations from everyone’s point of view and being impartial.
    There is a lot of conflict on Garry’s Mod, Especially RP which is what i spent most of my time on, so I am very used to having to mange people with strong opinions and people that are agitated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read, if you would like any more information about me, feel free to drop me a message.


  • Name: Tartarus

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074234662/

    Age: 23

    Region: England

    Reason for Applying: I am a very active Chivalry player with over 3200hrs on the game currently and I’ve reported numerous players based on their actions within TO servers to admins such as, Len, Bwoofy and Roag for example. The lack of Administration in the TO servers I play in is a big inconvenience to myself and other players as I can’t do anything to help out other than harass Admins such as Len constantly.

    Relevant Experience: I have my own server in Chivalry, and have been a mod on other servers for the game, so I’m well versed in the console arts of magic.

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  • Name: Skindiacus

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/2058952k0/

    Age: I’d prefer not to say. (But I’ll give it to anyone who asks in PMs)

    Region: NA East (Montreal)

    Reason for Applying: I have been putting off writing my mod application for a while, but now that Chiv 2 is (more or less) right around the corner, the time is right. Assuming the release of Chiv 2 creates a large influx of players and community members, the mod team’s numbers will need to be bolstered to maintain the same level of fairness and care. After experiencing Mirage’s launch, I want Chiv 2’s launch and subsequent lifespan to be as smooth as possible. It would be awful for a launch day server to be ruined by something easily preventable like hacking or griefing. Post-launch, as was seen with Mordhau, a large challenge Chivalry 2 will potentially have is in managing toxicity in its playerbase. It is my belief that the best way to deal with this challenge is with a present and active moderation team who can ensure that the rules are being upheld in a human manner. The balance of finding what is okay to say and when can only be struck through hard work; there’s no easy solution. I can bring extra hands to the deck for this.

    Relevant Experience: I’m pretty lacking in previous experience honestly, but I’ve watched the Chiv mods do their thing for years and years. I have a construction of Chiv mod conduct (including behavior and responsibilities). Due to my background, I’m pretty good at recording and organizing data, which is probably useful for managing reports and such.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Name: Oäkting
    Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056737175/
    Age: 27
    Region: Chile
    Reason For Applyng: Im an active player and I also know the players who are playing on servers in South America in these times.
    Actually, we are very few and the administrators are almost never there to solve problems of misconduct on the server, problems that can often be resolved with a warning from an administrator and that often do not require severe punishment.
    Chivalry is a good game, and few players play it, but now, there are new people who are interested in playing, and the lack of an administrator can damage the game experience by trolls.

    I have 4200 hours of play and Im a chivalry lover. I would like to apply for these reasons. I will be fair and correct, I will enforce the official regulations.

  • Name: Skullger12496
    Age: 20
    From: UK NI

    Reason: i normally spend most of my time on official servers, have played on them since 2013. I’ve always enjoyed the game and only want to see people having fun without people cheating, hacking / exploiting. I feel like I would make a beneficial addition to the team in helping to make the game fun for everyone.

    As mentioned previously I spend a lot of time primarily on official servers, and have seen many people exploiting various features of the game and in general using toxic racist remarks. I have reported such things before to other admins in the chivalry community and feel i would be of more use on the team helping make the game better for the majority.

    Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057457991/
    Many thanks.

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