Looking for new moderators/admins.

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  • Name: Skindiacus

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/2058952k0/

    Age: I’d prefer not to say. (But I’ll give it to anyone who asks in PMs)

    Region: NA East (Montreal)

    Reason for Applying: I have been putting off writing my mod application for a while, but now that Chiv 2 is (more or less) right around the corner, the time is right. Assuming the release of Chiv 2 creates a large influx of players and community members, the mod team’s numbers will need to be bolstered to maintain the same level of fairness and care. After experiencing Mirage’s launch, I want Chiv 2’s launch and subsequent lifespan to be as smooth as possible. It would be awful for a launch day server to be ruined by something easily preventable like hacking or griefing. Post-launch, as was seen with Mordhau, a large challenge Chivalry 2 will potentially have is in managing toxicity in its playerbase. It is my belief that the best way to deal with this challenge is with a present and active moderation team who can ensure that the rules are being upheld in a human manner. The balance of finding what is okay to say and when can only be struck through hard work; there’s no easy solution. I can bring extra hands to the deck for this.

    Relevant Experience: I’m pretty lacking in previous experience honestly, but I’ve watched the Chiv mods do their thing for years and years. I have a construction of Chiv mod conduct (including behavior and responsibilities). Due to my background, I’m pretty good at recording and organizing data, which is probably useful for managing reports and such.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Name: Oäkting
    Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056737175/
    Age: 27
    Region: Chile
    Reason For Applyng: Im an active player and I also know the players who are playing on servers in South America in these times.
    Actually, we are very few and the administrators are almost never there to solve problems of misconduct on the server, problems that can often be resolved with a warning from an administrator and that often do not require severe punishment.
    Chivalry is a good game, and few players play it, but now, there are new people who are interested in playing, and the lack of an administrator can damage the game experience by trolls.

    I have 4200 hours of play and Im a chivalry lover. I would like to apply for these reasons. I will be fair and correct, I will enforce the official regulations.

  • Name: Skullger12496
    Age: 20
    From: UK NI

    Reason: i normally spend most of my time on official servers, have played on them since 2013. I’ve always enjoyed the game and only want to see people having fun without people cheating, hacking / exploiting. I feel like I would make a beneficial addition to the team in helping to make the game fun for everyone.

    As mentioned previously I spend a lot of time primarily on official servers, and have seen many people exploiting various features of the game and in general using toxic racist remarks. I have reported such things before to other admins in the chivalry community and feel i would be of more use on the team helping make the game better for the majority.

    Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057457991/
    Many thanks.

  • Name:Gandalf024
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gandal024/
    Age: 18
    Reason for Applying: I thought it would be worth applying today as I have much cared for the community and the game itself, I have been playing since 2016ish I think. These days I see less and less people playing chivalry and it is a shame, I do believe parts of it is due to not enough admins as there are many servers, and people exploit this and can get away with so much, saying this I do not intend to seek rule-breaking however there are times where it would be ideal to do something about situations.

    I have also been a big fan of all things medieval hence why I have this game, I can’t say I paid for it as it was purchased for me by a friend. 1000+ hours later I still play. I do believe I would be a beneficial resource to your team as I can bring a fresh perspective on how things are running, and more civilized views from the community, as I’m sure most of you are aware a portion of this community is quite “toxic” and it is something hard to have the patience to listen or understand their point of views.

    I am all about everyone getting along and having fun, you will get the occasional people that bicker, however, this is to be expected from any game you play on the internet. I feel I would be a fair admin as I’m not that person to push the ban button every time someone steps out of line, part of the role is to exercise restraint and observe and consider all aspects of the situation, there will be times where an instant ban may be necessary, there may be times where more warning should be given out than others.

    I believe there is more to this role then banning and warning, I believe it’s about being apart of the community, having a thick skin, being observant, having common sense and decency, being friendly and approachable and treating it as a business as it is, there is a lot of responsibility with this role and a lot more then the average person may or may not notice, I point this out because I realise how important a role like this is.

    I am not too sure if you are going to make the admins or chivalry 1 be admins of chivalry 2 however if this is the case I feel it is worth mentioning, I intend to purchase the second game and I feel I have the right attitude and devotion to the game to help nurture chivalry 2 be successful and be fun for all the players that wish to play there.

    Relevant Experience: As for the relevant experience I don’t have much, the experience I say would I have is the 1000+ hours on the game as I know the mechanics well and what you can’t do (double jump, etc). I have seen how other admins do things and in my opinion, they are good examples of what an admin should be.

    I would like to thank-you for reading this far and I appreciate the time you took to read my application.


  • Name: Jimmithus
    Age: 18
    Region: NA East
    Reason for Applying: I fell in love with the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare after seeing some game play of it way back in 2013. I would finally get my hands on it in 2017 and I loved the game in its entirety, including the people in the community. I want to make sure that the community stays like that and doesn’t become racist or toxic like Mordhau’s community. I want to moderate because I care for the game.
    Relevant Experience: I was allowed to moderate a Gmod server back in 2017 for a friend and gained a good reputation there.

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  • Name: Clock Tower
    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/clocktower/
    Age: 32
    Region: NA
    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc): Regular player just trying to help out.
    Relevant Experience: 2,000+ hours invested in the game, supportive of streaming the game and youtube videos. Biggest contribution was financially towards the tournaments where we are able to get a prize pool together and also moderated a private duel server. Was an admin once, could be again.

  • Name: Strzebo
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xstrzebox
    Age: 20
    Region: EU
    Reason for Applying : At start sorry for my english.
    From the beginning of the game I saw how admins behave towards players, many of them kicked out the wrong players and often for no reason or depending on their ‘’ humor ‘’. I think that admin should be on a hard foot so that situations of wrong judgment do not take place.
    My friends write to me really different opinion about admin and i think i can be good choice.
    I will also add that the current chivarly is facing the problem of inactive admins, possibly due to the death of the game
    thank you for reading I hope that my application will be considered.

  • Name: NexusModel
    Steam profile link:https ://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038970230/
    Age: 29
    Region: NA
    Reason for Applying: I am one of the few id say hundred active players here, the community could use someone who is active and moderating, I have plenty of moderating experience as wel.
    Relevant Experience: I have alot of hours invested and will likely keep on playing, I have moderated on Voobly before among other places that deal with thousands of players. I know what is right and wrong and how to follow the Terms of Service and other things that should be followed. Overall I have good experience and I am a proven moderator in the past, that can provide the proof if needed.

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