Looking for new moderators/admins.

  • Name: The Punishherr
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198362956902/
    Age: 19
    Region: NA East
    Reason for Applying: To help with moderate the community in the chiv2 discord and in game. Open minded and fair. I Don’t tolerate racism, personal attacks or any kind of hate speech at all. Put a lot of time into CMW on Xbox when i was younger and a bit on PC but a lot more time on chiv2. Enlisting in the Army so time is tight but I would love to help to the best of my ability!
    Relevant Experience: I don’t have much experience (other than moderating smaller servers in the past) in the modding field but have reported multiple players in game, and would love to be able to take care of them quicker! Thank you for your time would be more than willing to be of use!

  • –---------------------------------------------------
    Name: Yurik
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197963103847/
    Age: 32
    Region: NA West
    Reason for Applying: I played AOC heavily and got big into CMW when it was in early access, played it through launch and for years afterwards, enjoyed it so much I purchased it for several of my friends so we could all play together. However, all of them quit playing after a few weeks/months due to being exposed to the general Chivalry community on the unmoderated official servers.

    I tried again when Mordhau launched and bought copies of that game for different friends and found the same thing happened; racial epithets, slurs and other vitriol spewed their way for any reason or no reason at all. They quit after a few weeks and I stopped playing both Mordhau and Chivalry after that myself.

    With Chivalry 2 on the horizon I’m hoping that we can have a positive, helpful and welcoming community for newcomers. Slasher games have a lot of mechanics to learn and it would be great if we could teach new players something besides how toxic our playerbase can be.

    I firmly believe players shouldn’t have to seek out private servers just to keep slurs out of the chat and enjoy the game. I also predict a lot of newbies and vets will have questions that will end up on the Steam forum, so I’m prepared to be active both ingame and on the discussion pages to give assistance to players asking for help with mechanics, or to mute/remove people who are just trying to ruin the enjoyment of others through abuse.

    This also extends to small groups of players who attempt to “lock down” an official server by vote kicking anyone not part of their group, this can be incredibly frustrating to players who are just trying to find a game and get instantly booted by groups of trolls.

    Overall, I’m excited to see a new Chivalry game but worried that it will again be nearly impossible to play without slurs filling the official server chat or people deciding to intentionally TK with no recourse available for players as was the case in the alpha. Whoever ends up filling this role, I hope to see you frequently ingame.

    Relevant Experience: Admin on the Moorland Skirmishers server for 7 years, real world Community/PR manager references available on request

  • Name: Tumko
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Tucko_/
    Age: 24
    Region: NA West
    Reason for Applying: When I first started playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare I did so on both official and community servers, both had a wonderful nature to them, everyone was kind, fun to be around, and always willing to be friends. They accepted me for who I was, even though at the time I was very young and very very dumb. I was very happy in that small community.

    I was very very excited when Mordhau was announced and hoped I would meet many new friends and be able to play another sword game and feel at ease in any lobby I joined. I was very sad to see Chivalry’s population drop but I was hopeful. What ended up happening was just horrible, every match was a slur or and insult. I was told off for who or what I am, people going to my steam profile to comment mean and nasty things, picking out little details about what I had on their just to throw it at me in game.

    Mordhau has turned into something that every game developer can look at from a community stand point and see what happens when things are left unchecked. When people are allowed to say what they want in the name of “Free speech” and when developers are brought down to the communities worse levels, it’s no secret that Crush has frequently gotten in arguments with random players in his own discord, this kind of behavior, and lack of any action to fix it, brought the whole community down and it’s simply unbearable.

    This can all be avoided if Chivalry 2 has proper community moderation and administration goals from the start. I want to help in any way I can to make Chivalry 2 a wonderful experience, similar to what I had when I was a teenager playing the first game. I know I can be of great help to make that happen, and I’d be willing to dedicate myself to it.

    Relevant Experience: 2010 - 2020 Administrator in various Team Fortress 2 Communities, namely Velocity.tf, GHS (Ggods Hell Servers) and Bird Parade.

    2018 - 2020 Administrator for Moorland Skirmishers, a wonderful Chivalry/Mordhau community I’m sure we’re all familiar with.

    Years of real life customer service and problem solving experience through retail work, which I know translates well into moderation and administration.

  • Hello. I have been a Chivalry streamer on twitch for 4 years (Twitch.tv/Sheepdude). I believe I can uphold the responsibilities of being a chivalry admin, by administrating the rules fairly and without prejudice.

    I am very passive and take matters into stride without much thought. I have worked as employee and as manager at several companies and I understand the disconnect.

    When it comes to online gaming, I’m fairly laid-back and let people express their opinions. I’ve ran many counter-strike servers where administration is required. I understand the need for repressing cheating and trolls versus letting people express themselves.

    I’m applying to this position because I play this game quite a lot (almost daily), and I feel like I can help out should issues need to be addressed (which are quite uncommon).

    Thank you for you consideration,

    Sheepdude (@Twitch.tv/Sheepdude)

    Edit (Relevant information):

    Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sheepdude86/home
    Age: 31
    Region: Chicago, IL, US
    Relevant Experience: I’ve managed many companies and stores. For video games, see above.

  • Name: Isabelly
    Steam profile link: steamcommunity.com/id/isabellAAAaaa
    Age: 22
    Region: NA (West)

    Reason for Applying:
    I started out playing Chivalry Medieval Warfare a little while after it was released, and that has given me enough time to experience the game fully. I had an immense amount of fun in both official and community servers, due to superb moderation, which I would be thrilled to help continue in Chiv 2. As we can see with the launch of games like Mordhau, there is little moderation or inactive moderators, which has allowed for extreme toxicity within its community and has caused a loss of playerbase. I’ve tried helping Mordhau by reporting hackers, racism, bugs, and harassment within their official servers to moderators. I fully believe that these will be some of the main problems Chiv 2 moderators will have to face and deal with, due to a large portion of other gaming communities moving to Chiv 2. This would require a fair and active team of moderators that are willing to help prevent this along with Chiv 2’s launch and I am truly hoping to be a part of that team and make a more enjoyable community for players.

    Relevant Experience:
    I have been a Moorland Skirmisher moderator about 8 months on both Chiv and Mordhau, but have happily been with them for almost 2 years now. I am also the Head Mod for the largest community servers in Mordhau, Duke of York, and have been with them for about a year. Through DoY, I gained a lot of experience moderating servers within a highly enforced set of rules, such as, being active in the discord/steam group, dealing with in game issues, responding to reports/players, logging reports/kicks/bans, reporting in steam groups, using recording software, and helping players with technical difficulties.

    I really hope to help the community enjoy the game as much as possible, and I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read my application, thank you!

  • Name: Le Bon Toutou

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198300902712/

    Age: currently 21 (07/04/1999)

    Region: Europe

    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc):
    I’m looking to help around and have better tools to do so. I also want to make the chats, forums and posts as nice as possible with the less trolls possible. Well for adressing the problems I would just first delete what the person said and warn the person, if they continu I don’t mind muting them. If I have to ban someone I’ll ask the other mods and if I got the green light, he’s gone for some times. And to help I can do what I already do on the Discord, help around and answer questions, being nice also helps to make nice players stay in the community.

    Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc):
    I have some experience in moderating a Discord server (only 100+ persons mind you) and being a mod on a Mordhau server, but that doesn’t scare me to do my job and still look nice to others :).

  • Hi there! I’m definitely interested in moderating for the Chivalry community, so here’s my application!

    Name: cronchwrap supreme
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069005723/
    Age: 30
    Region: United States (Central)
    Reason for Applying: I absolutely love the slasher genre and have put about 1,700 hours on Mordhau and plan to do the same with Chivalry 2! I’m a huge public game mode player and I have seen first hand just how toxic these communities can be, which ends up pushing new players away a lot of the time and I hate to see that. Teamkilling, griefing, racism, votekick abuse, and toxicity are all problems I’ve seen so far in the slasher community and I have no tolerance for players who display these attributes as it leaves a very negative impression on the genre. The reason I’m applying is because I have tons of time to dedicate to playing these games and I feel like I could be a great asset to the moderation team!
    Relevant Experience: I am currently a moderator for Mordhau (Discord, in-game, and Reddit) and well known in the community as someone who doesn’t tolerate all the shenanigans the players try to pull often. I also moderate/used to moderate a plethora of different Discord servers. I have also been admin for a few different private servers on Mordhau.

    I appreciate you guys reading my post! Hope all is well with everyone! I look forward to hearing from y’all!

  • Name: Galachad
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Galachad/
    Age: 22
    Region: NW, AB, Canada
    Reason for applying: the community at times shows racist remarks against other players or uses verbally racist and offensive words. I would address these according to TornBanners rules and punishments for said behaviour. I am a very forgiving person but I can also be strict if needed. Speaking to the players would be my first step, telling them to refrain from using racial slurs and warn them. If the player ignores my warnings and continues to use offensive words/racial slurs I will kick them or ban them depending on Tornbanners policy. If I was to become a moderator/admin building rapport and speaking to the players would be my top priority, especially responding to their needs. Interaction with players and the community is important to me.
    Relevant Experience: I am an admin for a Mordhau RP server called Mulzheim. We have over 500+ whitelisted members. We are proud and make sure our players are happy and protected to the highest extent. I am very interactive with my community ensuring that they create good RP whilst preserving other’s stories. I enforce rules regularly banning and kicking individuals who do not follow our server-listed rules. I have been an admin for 1 year now. IRL I enforce rules every day as a Healthcare Security Guard and Security Control Room Operator. I am also a graduate of studying Justice Studies. I am educated and trained in handling difficult situations. I am great at problem-solving and analytical thinking. I believe I would be a great asset to the admin/moderator team by bringing my experiences and using them to keep the players safe and happy. I love video games and play them often when I am not working and so I believe players who use their time to play video games should not have to be bullied or called offensive slurs. Please consider my application and thank you for your time in reading mine.

    Thank you

    (P.S. I have my resume at standby if needed for proof of my experience.)

  • @dudeface
    Name: QuinnTheSpin
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/quinnthespin
    Age: 20
    Region: US Central
    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc): I’d like to apply for moderation as I love the Genre of games and want to keep the community clean and safe for all to play without having to worry about toxic individuals ruining the Game for new and old players trying to have fun. I think I can help because I have experience and that I am fair and give my best to try and help those who Ask for it.
    Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc) I am currently a moderator for Mordhau, I have been a mod for about 9 months at this point.

  • Name: Bard
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198120877798/
    Age: 19
    Region: NA West
    Reason for Applying: Like many others, Chivalry 1 got me into the slasher genre. After playing the Chivalry 2 alpha, and seeing all the familiar faces, it really sparked my interest to apply for moderator. I was very surprised by how great the community is. My first time on, a guy got killed by an archer, and said in chat " wow great shot!". While this may not seem like much, the lack of toxicity, and friendly environment is what I want to help promote as moderator. It is very easy to get frustrated playing melee slashers. There is nothing wrong with getting a little heated, but I want to ensure that the community stays positive, and we can all have a good time playing games like Chivalry 2 when it releases.
    Relevant Experience: Most of my experience comes from moderating community servers in the game Mordhau. For over a year, I founded and maintained a community within the game, and organized officially recognized events/tournaments. Additionally, I was Mordhau Tech Support for half a year, before I focused that spare time on mod developing for the game.

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