Looking for new moderators/admins.

  • @dudeface
    Name : Jade Kovacs
    Epic Games Name: Jade Kovacs
    Discord: Jade Kovacs#4470
    Age: 22
    Region: OCE - Australia

    Reason for Applying: I have played 50 hours since purchasing Chivalry 2 on PC less than two weeks ago, I play mostly on duel servers. Unfortunately, there are many players that purposely grief these servers and break the rules, interrupting other players’ duels, killing anyone they see (FFA). I have witnessed duellers leave servers just to try avoid the griefers, only for the griefers to follow them to the new server and continue their terror. This gameplay disruption is often accompanied by verbal abuse. With the current state of the vote kick system, duel servers are plagued with griefers and it is very rarely that a moderator is online to do anything about it. I would like to be able to deal with these issue first hand. Currently, I study from home and would be able to, and willing to sit in the servers for many hours a day, dealing with issues that arise. Additionally, I would be available on discord most of the time, so that I may log on and deal with any issues at the request of anyone, almost anytime. I believe this to be particularly valuable regarding OCE moderation, as late at night there is almost never any moderation and griefing is more easily facilitated. I am more than happy to provide video recordings and detailed reports regarding each incident if that is required.

    Relevant Experience: Not a lot relatable to online moderation, I have experience in the field of psychology and have worked as an agent for human services. I am confident in my ability to moderate in a professional, efficient, unbiased, and calm manner. I am happy to answer any further questions or provide any further details, I simply wish to make Chiv 2 a better experience for everyone.

    For your consideration,
    Jade Kovacs

  • Name: Bohne
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015847724/
    Age: 28
    Region: EU (Germany)
    Reason for Applying: I would like to see the community not completly drift into the toxic abyss like it happens with a lot of online multiplayer games and I would like to help with that.
    Relevant Experience: Unfortunatly none.

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  • @dudeface said in Looking for new moderators/admins.:

    Name: Ser.ArthurDayne
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/playerguides/
    Age: 31
    Region: South America & EU (currently in SA)
    Reason for Applying is that I’ve noticed the number of mods/admins being low and trolls running rampant often. This means that other players are more likely to leave and that’s not good for any of us who want to play and have fun. So if I can prevent this while I’m playing, I’m in!
    Relevant Experience: I’ve got plenty of experience running and managing gaming communities over the years. For example, I ran both biggest PC EU PVP guilds in ESO for years, administrated multiple CS servers in mid-late 2000s and on top I have lots of tech knowledge about modding games, creating websites, producing content & videos etc. You can check out my gaming blog @ legendarymage.com and my Youtube channel @ Youtube.com/PlayerGuides

    See you on the battlefield! :)

  • Name: Soap, mostly known as Soap or Soapy, but my steam is SirSanity.

    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SirSanity/

    Age: 20

    Region: Atheist

    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc):

    My reason for applying is pretty simple and clear, I’ve been playing chivalry 2 day by day since I started last month as I stopped playing chivalry 1 a while back. Massive issues I’ve noticed with the community already are large amounts of racism, toxicity and generic rule breaking whether it’s written rules or not. Duel servers are not actually duel servers right now as there as no moderators on them monitoring what is going on. Duel servers are special, very fun and enjoyable; however there is constant RDMing, and nobody can stop them. I get told to just report them, or tell the chat about them etc, but this doesn’t work. At times the entire server ‘fights back’ against FFAers, but the “duel servers” then just become normal FFA servers and that really kills the entire point of what duel servers are.

    In duel servers and normal servers / matchmaking there is absolutely insane amounts of racism and other vulgar language constantly being used in jest and against other players. Toxicity is rampant as are the other issues I’ve already pointed out.

    I’d like to address these issues and any others that are either known to me, or known to the community by actively moderating servers in-game and/or discord. I am active on my PC and can easily be very active in-game to work around my work-life irl as I only work part time.

    Whether I have listed all issues that I’ve known or not, I will constantly be on watch, active and aware of issues and will do my best to find a solution as soon as possible.

    Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc)

    My most notable experience I can tell you is not so much as large as chivalry 2, but through 2020 I led a large community of 50k+ members on a Roblox group that I actually made income from for that year until I sold off the game that I owned and moved onto focusing on other games, communities and my real life. (Some people don’t believe me that I made an income from Roblox) But that was quite a large community that I essentially ran on my own, I had to organise development of the game to keep it afloat and organisation of staff on discord and in-game to keep that all running smooth.

    By the way, on the note of my VAC Ban that is seen on the account, I admit I had a few silly moments 6.1 years ago, I was quite young at the time so I hope you can understand I am well behaved now and I really am looking forward to getting involved with the Chivalry community, whether I am accepted as a moderator or not.

    My discord is: Soap#5383

    Hope to hear back from you soon!

    • Soap

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    @Soapy You might want to edit your region to NA or EU, etc. ;)

  • Name: Tipsi, I go by spaget cat in some places for… Obvious reasons.

    Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TipsiTurtle

    Age: 20 years young.

    Region: Oceania, Australia.

    Reason for Applying:

    I bought Chivalry 2 a week after the initial release and since then I’ve put just shy of 3 days game time into it, the vast majority of it being in duel servers. In the first week of duel servers you had the occasional troll who’d break the rules and duel etiquette, etcetera, but recently “the troll” has adapted to minimal consequences, and thus, they’re taking advantage of the situation.

    The number of people who FFA has jumped from maybe one every three or four games to easily being one or two every game. This has disastrous effects on the small population duel servers that (in the past few days) have gathered around 6-14 players on prime time, thus the server devolves into a free for all server.

    The actions I’d take to reduce the amount of Free for All and other issues including, racism, sexism, transphobia, etcetera would be concise, lenient but not tolerant, and precise without hindering the general public/innocent duelists. I’m also able to moderate the official Chivalry II Discord as I’m currently a member and adjust well to Discord servers.

    I believe with my extensive knowledge regarding community management, availibility at prime time including early mornings, and moderation ethic I would increase the overall enjoyment of duelists across the Australian Chivalry duel servers.

    Relevant Experience:

    I was an administrator for a plethora of unofficial Mordhau servers for over a year before my resignation. I’ve run and developed multiple moderately large Garry’s Mod servers, including a Dark RP server of which I was the head community manager, lead developer, co-owner, and community manager of both Helios Gaming Dark RP and Helio Gaming TTT along with forum management and development (both of which were servers that ran for several months but are currently now on permanent hiatus.) I also ran a solo developed Minecraft server with Bukkit plugins and an online forum.

    I’m incredibly grateful for those that have read and supported this application and thank you for your time. Below you will see my contact details for Discord.


  • Name: The Night Monarch (I’ll reply to Monarch or Jaden)
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheNightMonarchGaming/
    Age: 30
    Region: USA central
    Reason for Applying: I see a great deal of anger in the community that often leads to personal attacks that I notice seem to vanish simply by a mod being present. I am able to be online a great deal of time and would love a chance to help be a positive influence in curbing hostile speech as well as keep things on topic.
    The general Chivalry 2 chat often ends up as a dumping ground for vitriol instead of game chat as well. I would love to help steer channel chat towards constructive discussions instead of just grounds to rant and riot about refunds or the state of the game when that should be confined to the appropriate channels.

    Relevant Experience: Unfortunately I have no real modding experience outside of virtual chat rooms (IMVU) back in the day, I can say with a great deal of confidence that I am not one to let personal attacks or issues conflict with my duties as a mod. Nor one to abuse my position. I can only hope my logs are enough of a testimony of my character.

  • Name: Zupay
    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BruceLilWayne/
    Age: 19
    Region: US
    Reason: (Users abusing the vote kick option, I would like to be there when a user is rightfully in the wrong so I can take care of it, I think I can make our small community way better by helping out the honest and fun players.) Honestly I’m just tired of people abusing a game I love and have been with since chivalry 1 and want to help the vote kick problem that a lot of players have including myself in the duel community.
    Relevant Experience: Moderator on GTA 5 RP Moderator on Garry’s Mod RP

  • Name: Davek (or Sir Davek)
    Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SirDavek
    Age: 29
    Region: NA West
    Reason for Applying: I’ve been playing Chivalry since the alpha of the first game, through Deadliest Warrior and Mirage: Arcane Warfare and all the mods. Chivalry is my favorite series of games. I’ve long been opposed to the toxic culture that surrounds competitive fighting games and have been actively working to foster a friendly, mature community atmosphere in this genre of games (including Mordhau). I’d like Chivalry 2 to be more accessible to a wide audience, without new players being scared off by some edgy teenager casually dropping slurs in All chat.

    I am a familiar name among the community and have a reputation for being mature, respectful, and fun. Lets have a fun time cutting each other’s heads off, yeah? (Agatha forever)

    Relevant Experience: I was an alpha tester and forum moderator for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare way back in 2011 or so, and I led a small clan as well. I went on to organize more wholesome, friendly communities in Mordhau and I have been presenting the same healthy, positive presence in Chivalry 2 since.

    On the daily, I’m a software developer and hobby game designer, and I understand the software development lifecycle and how hunting bugs and stages of testing can be very time-consuming. As a long time Torn Banner fan and a programmer myself, I hope to bridge the gap between the developers behind the game and the players.

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