Looking for new moderators/admins.

  • Name Serengeti Spaghetti
    Age** 19
    Region NA
    Reason for applying** Unless someone is either afk or tking its impossible to convince a server that they’re wrong doing, resulting in dealing with their bs because the server wont kick them. For example, berating a new player because they are new, corner trapping, blocking pathways, hacking (you’d be surprised how little people believe it even when it’s obvious), sometimes ping, etc.

    Relevant experience Private servers on chivalry and Gmod, I owned a server in M&B warband for a bit too. (Most of this is on an old steam account)

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  • –---------------------------------------------------
    Name: Kevin Spacey
    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheKevinSpacey
    Age: 55
    Region: US EAST
    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc):
    The servers on this game are filled with toxicity. There is no punishment for bad behavior, if a user is chat spamming racism while votekick spamming and tking, there is no recourse, except the odd 5minute votekick, where they can just hop on an alternate account, or wait and rejoin and do it all over again. I play this game hours every day without fail, I’m currently at about 800 hours because I only joined after DW was released. I love this game. But the moderation is terrible. In 800 hours of only playing official, I’ve seen one warning given out to anyone, ever, and that was from Gauntlet himself. Not everything needs to result in a ban(this is crucial, I fear some mods might not be impartial, and ban freely, a ban results in one less player, while a warning or timeout can change a player) people need to be issued warnings, have timeouts, and chill out. It’s a game, people will be toxic and that’s okay, but quite often it goes too far, I haven’t been a model player, but that’s because these servers are lawless. I want to help bring the servers some of that law, and make this game even more enjoyable for everyone.
    Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc)
    Besides not needing an introduction because I’m B list actor Kevin Spacey, I’ve worked as a prison guard dealing with prisoners, I’ve worked in psych wards using non violent crisis intervention to talk down patients, volunteer with the local police, and I’m a software developer, and understand video games(a little bit). I can be a very respectful person, and always take time to consider both sides before ever making an enforcement decision. The job of admin isn’t overwhelming, but it would be a great experience I believe, I would love to become an upstanding member of the chivalry community, leave toxicity behind and help make the game a better place for everyone. I have real world problem solving experience, and am not scared of confrontation.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
    Though, No pictures please.

    Kevin Spacey

  • with a bit of luck this will be a fast process tbh. Having just seen at least 3 I reported previously many times on
    official server 1 ffa. Infact four of them were using the same name today all exploiting and teaming, they laff at
    the idea of admins even banning or catching them you know.

  • Hello TornBanner, I have sent an E-mail to the Developers concerning my admin application about 2-3 weeks ago and it seems it may have contributed to the opening of this thread (maybe not). Either way, I will post my in-depth application once again.

    Name: Rolled Armour
    Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/3h9f403573434527454g9535/
    Age: 18
    Region: EU
    Reason for Applying: (Original Application down below)

    (((Dear Torn Banner admin team,
    My name is SgtHannes and I would like to inquire if you are in need of an administrator for Official EU servers? Since early 2013 I have played Chivalry: Medieval Warfare extensively and with passion. Even though I first installed Steam in 2010, to play a demo of another game, Chivalry was that one game in my Steam library that made me want to learn more about Steam and its community. Not only that, but 85% of my Steam friendliest consists of people that I met through Chivalry which shows how tight knit the community is. To sum up my overall experience; Chivalry is the game that I always came back to, raising the hour count to ~1100 hrs.

    However, you may ask why I am writing all this. The answer is, frankly, quite simple. I want to make the Chivalry community a better place concerning the everyday environment that players find themselves in. Despite that fact that I have thought more than once about applying for a position as an admin for the official servers, there is also an aspect of me that longs for fair-play and justice when it comes to the conduct of some players. To give an example I can talk about an occurrence that took place just recently in which a group of Man-At-Arms joined a TO server to do nothing but team damage friendly players. When the time on Citadel neared its end, and the Mason King spawned, the group of MAA’s decided to teamkill the King and destroy what every player on the server worked towards for the last 25 minutes. After a group of players decided to defend themselves they were unjustly vote kicked by the MAA’s. This sort of behaviour does not occur on a daily basis, but it is also not so rare that one can simply disregard it. There was one thing about this that struck me though, it was not that the group of MAA’s decided to be bad sports, or ruin the round, but the fact that they vote kicked players who stood up against them; something that caught my eye as completely unjust and unfair. This being said, I would do my best to counter this behaviour and create an atmosphere where things like this would not happen while I am around. Furthermore I am willing to actively work in the forums aswell as on the server, provided this is required of me.

    To finish this off, I would like to say that I am an active Chivalry player who would love to do something for the community. The lack of administrators on Official servers (at least from what I observed) made me write this application in the first place. I would be grateful if you would consider this application and inform me about your decision.

    With kind regards,
    Hannes a.k.a Rolled Homogenous Armour.)))

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  • Name: ​​Shiv
    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052627519/
    Age: 24
    Region: NA

    Reason for Applying: I have been interested in being a mod for quite a while now. I want to help the community grow and maintain a fun atmosphere in and out of game. I think that mods should be present to make sure servers are running smoothly and not being hijacked by a few people, have individuals harassing other players, or people hacking. Most of the time the players in that server are mature enough to deal with it but occasionally an admin will need to step in.

    Relevant Experience: Specifically related to Chivalry I feel that I have the experience that is needed. I have help admin multiple different private servers, from the Classic Duel Yard that Amish_Insurgent had up for an extended period of time, to the /r/ChivalryGame server. I would let people play as long as they were following the rules set in those private servers and for those unfamiliar with them explain those rules and if necessary give a warning. I have also done some community organizing events. Another veteran player, Narao, and I organized a large scale battle about 2 months that at it’s highest point had 50 people all in one server and Teamspeak. This event had competitive people who were members of clans, as well as players who weren’t, all playing together and having fun. We were successful in getting everyone to participate in multiple different “mini-games”(s?) and having a great 3-4 hours playing together.

    I also have relatively extensive real life experience managing groups of people, specifically college aged, and maintaining a good environment and enforcing rules as needed. I’m more than willing to explain in a PM/email.


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  • Name: =(e)= Lemonater47
    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007433570
    Age: 20
    Region: Oceania

    Reason for Applying: Because nobody else in my region applied. I also got votekicked for no reason today.
    As it is everyone’s problems is my problem. People come to me saying things that all sorts of players either have done or are doing. But of course I can’t do anything about it on official servers. It’s a defeating feeling when people come to you with their probls but you can do absolutely nothing to fix them. Solving the problem on GON servers just makes it even worse for officials. Overall not solving the problem.
    But it also means I know everything about everyone. What oceanic players have done to others.

    Relevant Experience: 2 years Experience as a Games.on.net admin for Chivalry, Red orchestra 2 and Battlefield 4. Involves maintaining server, processing reports, appeals and such as well as live moderation. Games.on.net being Australia’s largest Gaming news and community site and one of the largest server hosters in the world due to state owned assets. Also the Producer for Heroes of the West handling PR, HR and QA among other things.

  • Name: Luftwaffles

    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961168458

    Age: 32

    Region: Southeastern United States

    Reason for Applying: I like to help people, and I have a lot of time on my hands. Other than that, I know firsthand that a handful of bad apples can ruin a game; and since forums are the point of interaction between players and developers, forum moderation is essential to keeping bad apples to a minimum. Because new players look to the community forums as a gauge to what interactions in the actual game are going to be like. If there’s a lot of vitriol, then potential players will just assume that’s what things in game are going to be like and take their money elsewhere. Think about if you were looking to buy a house, and you were checking the photos of online listings. Would you be more willing to go and look at a home that has trash in the front yard in its picture, or would you be more willing to go look at a home that has an orderly front yard?

    Relevant Experience: I’ve been on Steam for over 10 years, and I’ve moderated servers in both Counter-Strike and Red Orchestra 2.

  • If I might suggest TB, why not take them all on , compared to how many play chivalry its not
    such a big number at all tbh, it would send out a strong message to players new and old that
    this game is heavily protected by admins, put a few on the forums and the rest protect the servers?
    Infact the forum admins could be rotated now and again with Two from the server admins imo.
    eg 25 admins < 2500 to 6000 players. on a low day its 100 players to 1 admin? 240 to 1
    on rising days or even more after those sales or free weekends.

  • @loin:

    If I might suggest TB, why not take them all on , compared to how many play chivalry its not
    such a big number at all tbh, it would send out a strong message to players new and old that
    this game is heavily protected by admins, put a few on the forums and the rest protect the servers?
    Infact the forum admins could be rotated now and again with Two from the server admins imo.
    eg 25 admins < 2500 to 6000 players. on a low day its 100 players to 1 admin? 240 to 1
    on rising days or even more after those sales or free weekends.

    Then you would need moderators for the moderators.

  • Name: Cutter - Aka Cutter the Great
    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CuttertheGreat/
    Age: 19
    Region: Oceania - Australia

    Reason for Applying : I have previously applied for this position when Torn Banner was not taking applications, and feel it is much needed in Australia as we don’t any active admins around here anymore. I already enforce these rules on my own server and feel i could be an asset as a Moderator in the region. I feel I could fulfill the role of moderator and am well trusted in the community, I have over 2000 hours and am as frequent as it gets.

    Relevant experience:

    • I’ve previously worked as ticket support / Admin for http://www.hypanova.com.au/ and would help with setting up servers aswell as Moderation on their end.
    • I have my own server called "Cutter’s Classic Duel Server, which is the most popular, and longest running duel server in Australia.
    • As well as this I have been Admin on http://skyservers.net/ a few years ago, and have experience moderating their forums.

    Thanks for hosting this opportunity to let us apply, and for reading my app,

  • Name: The Irish Canadian

    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000808260

    Age: 18

    Region: NA, West/Central (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

    Reason for Applying: While you need a larger number of active moderators for MW you may want an active DW moderator or two as well. There is a fair amount of exploiting and griefing that happens in DW: infinite flaming rum exploit, superjumping, an invisible wall in the valley castle to name a few exploits. Some are more harmless than others like these official rules have some interpretation to them: “superjumping player to gain an advantage” well what if they are just super jumping to explore but not trying to ambush anyone and no one on the server cares? There is a decent number of spots in DW where I’m not even sure if you’ve added these spots as intentional or if they are coincidental buggy areas with that said I’m sure my discretion wouldn’t be an issue since most people play the game to have fun but there are things such as the infinite flaming rum exploit that definitely deserves a kick/warning because it is annoying for other players using official servers.

    Relevant Experience: I have over 2,000 hours in Chivalry (mostly DW) and I have been an active player on DW since it was released. I’ve followed torn banner’s journey and dev blogs since AOC because I really liked the whole combat system when I played that old mod. I’m the leader of a chiv clan W.B.Y that has been around since 2013 (however I’ve only led it since last November). Been an admin for a clan server back when I played TF2 a lot, been an admin on my current clan’s Chivalry server we used to run it, been on steam 6 years without bans or problems, I’ve helped with the small little duel tournaments we ran for a while in NA DW and I think I’m the only person in NA who has managed to organize DW scrims through a steam group I made so I’ve been an active community figure for DW as well as a player.

  • I’d like to be official server admin. I pub quite a bit.

    Name: Stan
    Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fauch23/
    Age: 24
    Region: US West

    Reason for applying: I’ve played chivalry since it’s release (over 4,000 hours) and I enjoy pubbing quite a bit. I’ve been admin for countless servers since the game’s release, including my own servers. Recently people have been complaining to me about some of the current server admins, so I think I could do a better job.

  • Name: Orphan

    Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/aStarving0rphan/home

    Age: 21

    Region: East Coast NA

    Reason for Applying: This game has frequently been called one of the most toxic communities online, with the proper moderation on the official servers this could be greatly improved. I also love this game, and have enjoyed playing it for 750 hours, and will continue to enjoy Chivalry in the future. Also there are only a few moderators, and hardly more than 2 active at anytime. The more active admins there are, the better kept the servers will be.

    I feel as if I uphold the rules at all times, and take measures to push my fellow community members to follow the rules as well.

    Relevant experience: Moderator of a Battlefield 3 server for a year and a half
    One of the Head Admins in the Fight Club server in Chivalry and our Private server network

  • Name: Bensor999

    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198148028211

    Age: 20

    Region: Eastern United States

    Reason for Applying: I absolutely love this game. it is by far my favorite game for pc. However there is a lot of issues with the community in game. ive been votekicked out for being too good, being an archer, ping (even though it was less than 80), and i even got kicked from an official server because 3 people wanted the server all to themselves. Even if i dont get accepted as a moderator or admin i would love these issues to be fixed. it just plain ruins the experiance for me. i am available almost every day from 5pm est. till 10 pm est. so i can be on a lot throughout the week. it would be a dream if i could help manage servers and make the community much more nicer than what it is now and make it a better experiance for all players.

    Relevant Experience: I was a small time moderator on star wars battlefront 2 for a clan for over a year but nothing professional, it would be great if i could get some experiance on a much more thriving game.

    p.s. even if i dont get accepted i would like to thank whomever reads this for your time, thank you :)

  • Name: Loaf
    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LoafAlmightyThe/
    Age: 16
    Region: Oceania - Australia
    Reason for Applying: I frequently see an immense amount of trolling amongst members of the Australian community and I would love to see Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’s AU community greatly diminishing it’s “salt”. I have a vast amount of hours (2,543 on the main client and 45 on the beta), which shows my knowledge of how the community and different types of people react to various situations. The lack of moderators in AU makes kicking trollers much more difficult than it should have to be, and I am willing to fix that. Despite my age, I am a mature and understanding individual.
    Relevant Experience: I havn’t had any MAJOR experience but what I have done is moderated several popular Minecraft servers.

  • Name: Renatus

    Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Renatus_/

    Age: 20

    Reason for applyng: So I can get unb& pls.

    Region: West

    Relevant experience: Pubbed to rank 60, so lots of time dumped into the west coast pubs.

  • Name: Loin
    steam Loin
    To be ruthless like Pdk, knifelegs, Gauntlet, these admins don’t take bs on servers tbh.
    They are my purpose and first not last resort, to hunt and remove them from servers immediately, not ban.
    further enquires and reports will be looked at if they exist. Then refer to management.

    The ones in Euro Know I am onto them so won’t be pleased if recruited into admins.
    Swift, fast , culling of the fields of Chivalry to remove the minority who seem to enjoy
    ruining other players fun, yes and even ranked heavy players who think they are untouchable.
    They actually believe they earned the right to ruin your game due to high rank.? not a chance
    in hell tbh.

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