Looking for new moderators/admins.

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    Being a good admin doesn’t involve banning lots of people, just as being a good cop doesn’t involve how many fines you give out.

  • STFU Loin.

  • You have to remember we are in different regions. Over here a cop as you put it has practically never been seen on the
    uk servers. Let alone hand out a fine tbh. The Euro/uk should have at least 4 admins that is why the game is dwindling
    in this region, The usa is great, they have strong admin presence , admins who play on the official servers plus a great
    comp scene. The only info we have as players is the info on this site and activity on the admin group comments and
    discussions forum. The fact I question or point these things out is how it should be. Every member has that right tbh.
    Do you really believe the Police is unaccountable to the public or its bodies? Shouldn’t be questioned or suffer the
    occasional critical dig in the news papers? As I said at least Df interacts with the members on the forum partially.

  • Loin is not half wrong to be frank. To Tyson, youre right. There is no correlation between being a good admin and banning lots of people, BUT (big but), there are people who truly do deserve to be banned.

    Im not an angry person with a short fuse, quite the opposite in fact, but we are talking about people here who are doing nothing but spewing insults, slurs, teamkilling and generaly ruining other peoples fun. There is a general lack of empathy, no one cares if they might ruin someone elses fun by joining a server with 3-4 friends and kicking / killing teammates.

    The reason we applied is to make the community a better place, and not to randomly ban people who dont deserve it.

  • I think ya’ll need a reality check: the global banlist is the last-resort tool for people who ignore multiple warnings and in-game bans/kicks, or are obvious trolls/hackers from the get-go. It is not a measure of how active an admin is or by how much they help their community.

  • Now that is interesting thank you. So the squires have actually been naughty before. Well off course you know nobody
    mean’t to offend or be offended. As plebs in the game were don’t know what’s being done. All we see is the same old
    nasty gamers, some of us might have reported many times before or even just once. Its quite possible a lot of eager
    players simply flock to this ban appeals thread in the vague possibility it was somebody they reported or many had
    reported him/her. It always strikes me how everybody is innocent in that thread hehe. "oh yes my cats uncle tom
    was sitting on the keyboard cleaning his paws of whiskers when he got me banned .

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  • Name: ₪ | Serengeti Spaghetti

    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ALittleJackCat/

    Age: 17

    Region: NA west & central, a little east too

    Reason for applying: The only things someone will get vote kicked for on a chivalry server is ping, tk or idling. I’d like to address some of the other problems and people on public servers that never seem to be addressed by the public community. My biggest frustration that I want to fix is the fact that if they’re not doing one of he 3 things I mentioned earlier, the server wont believe whoever is pointing out their toxic behavior, and therefor won’t kick them.

    Relevant experience: I’ve been a mod on a couple twitch streams if that does anything. I’ve been an admin on 5 private chivalry servers, 2 of which I still am admin, and am one of the admins for the House of Lords (A chivalry clan). I’m a mod for a privately owned teamspeak server and used to be an admin on a couple of Gmod servers (on my brothers account).

  • Name: Ilúvatar

    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020529634

    Age: 16

    Region: Scandinavia

    Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc):

    The reason I’m applying is because I’ve seen an increase of rules being broken aswell as a decrease in admin activity. As of late I’ve seen multiple official servers hijacked by a group, instantly votekicking as people join, though this has always been a problem, it has, atleast from my perspective, increased. I’ve also seen a lot of hackers lately, just yesterday I encountered two of them within the time period of two TO matches, which I consider a substantinal amount. I could go on with the increase of problems I’ve seen, however I would rather spend that time in-game making sure this doesn’t happen.

    I regularly pub and play basically whenever I have time for it. I’ve played for soon-to-be 1700 hours and thus I know what to look for when it comes to hacking. I’ve gradually become accustomed to recording a substantial amout of evidence aswell as taking screenshots of people deliberately breaking the rules in the chat. When it comes to myself I’d like to consider myself as a rather happy person who can control my emotions. If I were to be exposed to anger or any emotion alike I would never let them cloud my judgement when it comes to my possible future administation tasks. Also I belive in the “innocent until proven otherwise” statement and I’m always unbiased to the situation represented to me and I want to hear all perspectives of the people involved in said situation before making the ultimate decision of who’s in the right aswell.

    Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc)

    I’ve had bit of experience moderating different twitch streams, steam groups, private servers both in this game and others aswell as teamspeak channels.

    I guess that’s about it.

  • "innocent until proven otherwise

    pardon…? While your making a fuss over the Exploiting trolls rights , players are leaving
    the game in droves. Even the servers. First remove that problem, deal with it off server
    privately. Tell the pleb to join a chat room and explain himself if he thinks he
    has a case. No point debating this on a server of players who just want him
    removed so they can enjoy Chivalry at that time.

  • Thanks everyone. Here’s the current list of new admins. We had a ton of apps and I wasn’t expecting to accept so many new ones, so this is pretty great. Sorry anyone who didn’t make the cut, it’s nothing personal obviously. Just too many good applications (especially in NA, srsly wtf guys). Let’s see how things play out from here over the next few weeks. We will come back to this thread if or when we need more admins.

    Sir Loin of Beef
    The Irish Canadian
    Shining Blight

    Rolled Armour


  • Once TB are back from one of their many socialist holidays they’ll start applying moderator forum permissions to your accounts. You’ll be able to find further instructions in the admin section. Cheers.

  • At least I know who Valind and Andimar are, hopefully the other two will also make great admins. (EU zone, please.)
    Either way, good luck to all the new admins.

  • Hmm, never heard of the EU ones. But I’m sure they will do a great job!

  • Thank you! Hopefully an increased admin presence will help clean up the servers a bit.

  • Thank you for taking the time. Im glad to be on the list and most definately look forward to fulfilling my new duties.

    Im currently in a massive Windows update / configuring spree so I probably wont be available untill tommorow, or possibly this evening.

    Regards, Rolled Armour.

  • Thank you, guys!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Good to see a lot of new mods

  • The blue names mean even less to me now that lemonator will have one.

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