Max INI Settings, Crazy Gorgious LOD Ect

  • So Im SLIing 970’s and Ive read the INI descriptions but I have not seen a max settings guide or any download. Ive made a ok max settings INI but does anyone know if they can upload a Max settings INI’s somwhere?. I want max textures,LOD and Lighting. Im getting 190 fps on 1080p.

    Ive looked into Anti aliasing aswell and not found anything to prove i can other then MLAA, ps.Does not run in DX11.

  • The anti aliasing is not all that great in Chiv because many of the props and things were not optimized and anti aliased during the map creation. One of the major eyesore design errors with pattern textures and edges. That aside, I have yet to create a max INI as most of the ones I created and worked on were optimizing for potato PCs.

    One thing you can do though is go into your UDKSystemSettings.ini and double all you shadow resolution settings as well as double your TEXTUREGROUP settings to really boost your textures. You can play with those quite a bit if you have a beefy machine. The higher your shadow resolution the less it aliases.

    You can also increase player model textures in the UDKEngine.ini, look for BoostplayerTexture=3.0 (default) and increase it to 4.0 or higher. It is up to you.

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