The cake or biscuit crumb that kills

  • Have you ever started playing on a server to find in the midst of a fight a cake crumb or biscuit crumb
    suddenly under one of your fingers ? its usually the pinky no? Often I think its all clear now so quickly
    brush it aside but to late, you get stabbed or killed. Why even in a fight as its about to peak, a crumb
    reveals it self once again on mouse matt.? Even after cleaning the matt they still find the way to
    disturb your game at a crucial moment. The must dwell in the k/b tbh.

  • I think you guys just eat a lot more biscuits over there, so you have lots of crumbs. That or you need to wipe your mousepad off after you finish your tea and launch Chiv.

  • Them damn pink wafers!

  • Even if I take time to brush the matt, would you know it , just as your in a key fight some particle crumb appears on the matt
    the horror…

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