Bearded Axe Tips?

  • I had quit this game for a few months, but got dragged back into it somehow. I had mained SoW for 99% of my Chiv career, but wanted to start a new weapon to revitalize my interest in the game. I’ve been having fun with the Bearded Axe, but wondering if there are any pro tips/do’s and don’ts of it. I can’t seem to find that chart that had all of the stats of weapons, and not sure if it’s even updated. Are there any swings of the bearded axe to avoid? Is the stab never worth doing for example. Also, should I go poleaxe instead? I remember it used to be better than the Bearded Axe way back when, but I think I remember there was a buff to Bearded Axe. Thanks

  • Shave the bearded axe.

  • Bearded axe is pretty poop, I think your best bet is those fast looping overheads that seem to hit instantly. Try not to stab unless you’re doing a quick poke finisher or trying to interrupt them.

  • I gave it a go couple weeks back and:

    • OH and lookdown OH riposte work fast and well
    • stab is pretty good as a finisher, I used combo to stab in 1vN to flinch people winding up attacks, though I don’t know if it’s the best option on this weapon
    • people often LMB me with it at lightspeed, though I wasn’t able to replicate it. Maybe because I’m not really used to using slash attacks
    • my attacks ghosted through people like 5 or 6 times during one TO round (may or may not be server’s fault)
    • since it’s primarily an LMB weapon I ditched it after 2 hours or so

    Poleaxe is very strong for 1v1, stab OP. It’s like wandering through map as an MAA with Norse, if you find a single opponent he’s usually screwed. Found it hard to use in 1vN - again, maybe because I’m not used to this kinds of weapons. Would choose over Bearded Axe any day of the week though.

  • Thanks guys. I’ll switch to PoleAxe and see how it suits me.

  • @venomblade:

    Thanks guys. I’ll switch to PoleAxe and see how it suits me.

    Yeah the poleaxe is a great balanced weapon for sure, was playing lts on the low rank server recently :sneakiness: and got a score of like 40 - 2 with the pole axe.

  • Gamble and pray. :D

  • Pretty shitty weapon tbh OP. Use the same logic of the spear, attack with the fastest attack (in this case stab), then feint this shit so you can land a overhead or slash that deals more damage. You will have to rely more on mindgames I think as the weapon for itself is quite shitty, but sort of scary if used right in 1v1s against people who don’t use huge weapons (situational as fuck you see).

    I like to do this with the spear, you LMB your opponent a few times, then when you feint that shit, sure as fuck they will fall for it. Bearded Axe should be like this with the stab, though its range is also shit.

    To delay it, you will have to make your opponent panic first just like claymore delays (almost nonexistent), maybe throw some weird body feints instead of riposting, then you drag the slash or overhead, it should work to an extent.

    Also combo feint stabs lol, sure as fuck its hard to read man. Basically I think you gotta feint a lot with this weapon because the drags are really shitty beyond belief.

    This all in my opinion of course, maybe there is some way to make it fully viable and I simply don’t have enough experience handling it. Try mindgaming people, and since its a fast weapon, you are kinda ok when they start gambling, and so you can punish them.

  • When you accelerate the stabs though…

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