Islipaway's Workshop

  • Hey guys! I’ve somewhat renewed interest in the workshop of late, seeing the variety of items being used in game now I thought I’d give it another go. My first project is to improve and resubmit my ‘white knight’ sword. Mostly I’m going to improve the texture and omit the mace addition which wasn’t very popular and because I put both items on one texture set previously it wasn’t allowing either weapon enough space for a decent texture.

    Beyond this I have some ideas for a set or two attempt. If anyone has suggestions for items they would like to see let me know as I’m always looking for inspiration!

  • Welcome back!

  • Thats a nice looking sword.

  • Sexy looking blade but I’m not really a Sow kind of guy. It just occurred to me, TB hasn’t added any shield skins, and they could even make fists a weapon so people could make brass knuckle skins and stuff.

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