Right handed config

  • Most players would kill to protect the custom configs they made in Q3, I have even seen best pals of years
    suddenly avoid the subject of sharing that file, I doubt Chivalry is the same but could somebody perhaps
    give me what they consider the best right handed config for say just playing knight, ie with no dodge keys
    or other stuff. nb I am a left handed player so yours will be a template for best right handed knight
    player setup/config

    Just finished a project were I can unbind all my keys and load my specific left handed buttons in
    Chivalry. hence no front end buttons shown multiple times they are all blank but for what I want.

    After successfully unbinding all my keys while in game running my file
    nb It does not remove all buttons but leaves console key intact with some other higher menu keys.

    now Every bind I actually want and use is loaded , no secondary keys or left over clutter at all.
    As my project was made for left handed players specifically Knights, one can be uniquely made
    for the class you play and loaded as you want them ie class your playing at or switching to.

    Not to leave the right handed players out I thought to make a Right handed version.
    once the file is released the techy minded config guru’s can change the buttons they
    want off course , left or righthanded etc.

    If TB needs to see it , they can off course pm me for the once over glance etc
    they might even like it who knows.

  • For example you could download a pro chivalry players config
    play with the binds they use , ie crushed,spook, sophax, retsnorm
    any players follow if they publish the configs they used etc.

    In a scrim game , when you change class you can on the fly
    load that customised classes config instantly

    you can upload your master piece config unique to a class
    for others to use

    customised configs for Knights/Vanguards/Archers/ManatArms
    in your folder ready to load as you want instantly

    no config clutter or secondry unwanted/used binds.

    It won’t effect your current fov or sensitivity at all.
    that will remain safe as do other settings.

    Q3 had a very big config community to add even
    best configs rated by the users. Chivalry could
    have all these things imo.

  • @loin:


    He’s dead. Anyway, I never understood wanting to use someone else’s setup. Just use what you find comfortable imo tbh. Hehe.

  • In all my days of coding never have I seen such a messy set of bindings. For some reason even if you unbind it all
    udkinput still seems to put the odd random key back, esp fond of leftalt or shift, also 1234 weapon switch binds.
    I also removed all references to Xbox so it was just pc, unbinded all and rebinded all with my files and game works.
    By default the code should quickly determine what your machine is , ie a pc, xbox , etc. Then simply
    pull out a config for binding keys on that only. Not simply one big mess of confusion in a large file of rubbish.

    Even when the front end was empty completely in binds , my game still worked after running my config
    Imo they should split the files into udkplayerinputxbox and udkplayerinputpc. Completely do away with udk input.
    or hide it in the main folders. I might take a month to really look at this aspect of chivalry as I spent many years
    in the configs of Q3, even making customised ones for some pro’s back then.

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