Empty servers

  • Help pls in this problem: I have only empty servers in server list. I didnt use filters, i cant play, because all servers empty, pls help me with this problem. Server for beginners unavailable for me.

  • Same. I have tried to delete config folder, remove the two last lines in UDKUI.ini, and still no fix. I even verified game cashe.

    Please respond

  • I’d advise rechecking fire wall. Also advanced forward a port or ports. Did you try resetting hub, Often that needs a reset
    just after a complete cookie removal ie cc cleaner is good. Lastly I recall a glob file some time back if stuck in the steam
    folder eases that problem.

  • what happens if you use the steam server browser? (clcik on steam > select ‘servers’ filter by chivalry) can you join a server form there? are there populated servers appearing?

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