Why don't weapons collide in this game?

  • I played this game a long time ago and felt it was much more responsive, but now I’ve run into the problem while trying to play the man at arms class that there is no time to react to the enemy’s movement.
    The class seems to be dependent on blocking the attacks that need to be, and dodging those that can be while counterattacking, however I run into the problem of having to decide a course of action, (attack, block, or dodge) before the enemy makes a movement.
    I use fast single handed swords, but it’s impossible to attack for a stun without randomly mashing the attack button because the enemy avatar doesn’t move until their big 2H sword is already charged up and their large attack beats everything I can do at that point because I’ll be locked into my attack with no chance of dodging or blocking while I watch them cut my head off in basically one shot.
    I realize this comes from a mix of limitations of how fast their click to attack can reach my computer so their avatar moves on my screen before they already have their weapon behind their head and past the chance for stuns, but it would be nice if i had a chance of taking reduced damage because I swing my own sword into their attack and at least slow it down.
    The game is just not currently fun because I feel like I am forced to blindly choose actions and can’t play my much preferred reactionary play style with fast action and good movement as the main tactics. I feel like it’s a game of rock paper scissors and not a sword fight.
    Well thank you for listening to my ranting, I just won’t be able to play this game until it feels more like a sword fight that is about where you place your sword to defend and attack rather than pressing one button or the other blindly and praying your head doesn’t suddenly disappear.

    P.S. I have the vanilla game without and mods or extra packs, and it is just not a sword fight.

  • Agreed. yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo (need 10 characters to post)

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