Server bug: Maps stuck not rotating - still not addressed.

  • I have posted this several times and have gotten no response or even an suggestion as to a cause or resolution.

    Issue: Map will end, players stuck in loading screen.

    Temp solutions:
    1.Close Chiv, reopen and hop back in server. It is frozen in the last map. Login as admin and change map
    This usually works but not always.
    2. Run Chiv Rcon Tool and change map. Again not always successful.
    3. Reboot server.

    None of these are really acceptable and will empty as server as players will not wait for an admin to fix it. I am running custom maps in rotation. Is that a command or an INI setting that needs to be corrected or changed? This can happen on any map.

    In addition there is another but which I will create a post about that involves Horde maps. After a horde map is played and rotates out, the next map, the server begins a timed hitching where the server will pause every 20 secs or so and act like some weird lag. The solution is to reload the current map and it goes away. This maybe related.

    I know the map rotation issue used to happen long ago, what was the fix? I know other servers are having the same issue of the server locking up or stuck in a map change loop as I have hopped into another server with the same symptoms.

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