Poll: possible game modes

  • out of pure fun what game modes do you guys want to see appear in chivalry?

  • hard to say, last man standing FFA might be fun once in a while but it is boring for people knocked out of the game early.

    large FFA, meh nothing gained there on 32 FFA.

    siege warfare - what is that - battle of the catapult?

    not sure what the rest are, some might be interesting.

  • I think destrucable siege warfare would be interesting. Maybe not so much the destructing of enemy castle but a game mode where both teams have to defend and attack at the same time. A bit like the end stage of belmez just on a larger scale.

  • What about a battleships mode.? Ships in the ocean full of large catapults. Taking shots at each other across a channel.
    If the ship doesn’t sink and some players survive a quick skirmish on the small island they land on. If they can take
    out each others sails it reduces the speed of the ship. The first army to land then gets the advantageous high ground.
    with a few cannons covering the shore line as the other ships lands. Final fight in the old castle.
    victors return carrying pots of gold to the ship and sale home to a glorious choir of halo’s.

  • @loin:

    The first army to land then gets the advantageous high ground.

    But isn’t the lower ground actually advantageous in chiv?

  • none of these really seem that fun except maybe FFA LTS. I’m still waiting for Regicide servers to pop up in my area though.

  • I think the siege mode would be awesome. Some actual destructibility that isn’t scripted would be awesome. I guess we’ll just have to wait for chiv 2 though :D

  • Why is there no Death Run maps? Seriously? This game is 3 years old and the only one that is close is a broken jump map.

  • Global Moderator

    Why no “Single player with better bots” option?
    I mean pls.

  • If you really noticed each of the bots have certain quirks. A certain bot actually salutes you, another actually parry’s
    why I am sure one even feinted then crouched into a reverse over head, while spinning into animation breaking to
    finish with a jump/kick/stab in one final move. Kimiko is a bot still as is sly. In all honesty the most valued bot
    option would be adding the class of bot you wanted. eg addbots 1 knight. (if class omitted it added random bots)

  • I went with LTS FFA. It might be a bit of a nightmare with people teaming, but I imagine it might be relatively easy to mod FFA into LTS FFA?

  • An obstacle course sounds cool. I’m guessing it would be a race and the first to finish wins? If so MAA would be the class to pick

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