Citadel crashes

  • Citadel crashes people? Old topic of course, but kinda interesting how it crashes 70% of the server. Finally in the past couple of months it crashed me a couple of times. Perhaps it is random, perhaps not, who knows. It never crashed on my old laptop but the new super powered laptop it finally did, not always, sometimes I survive while the server drops from 32 to 10.

    Nasty kind of bug to reproduce, and I dont expect it to be fixed ever.

  • One gets used to crashing on this map tbh. Often you can restart Chivalry and rejoin that server to simply continue
    were you left off, the scores don’t even know you left and rejoined so you keep points earned still. Very strange
    memory use that map tbh.

  • It’s pretty random. Always happens right in the beginning of the 2nd stage. Something to do with those fiddly locks…

    I have been both a crasher and a survivor, so I don’t know what to conclude. Certainly more than half the server crashes out when it does happen though.

  • Interesting, I never crashed once on Citadel, nor did I hear of anyone that did. First step to reporting any bug or issue is ofcours posting your hardware and software specs, unless one can say for certain it has nothing to do with that.

    The only stability issues I ever got on chivalry were occasional / random crashes when I muted my sound on my keyboard ––> Game freezes -----> Steam crashes / closes in the background.

  • Good ol citadel, 2.5 years, still the same crash happens at the 2nd stage whenever it’s in play.

  • Developer

    Does anyone have any dump files and/or video from the crash? They could both help us out.

  • @CrustaceanSoup:

    Does anyone have any dump files and/or video from the crash? They could both help us out.

    I’ve provided already like 5 log-Files in the Forum or via E-Mail in the past. You may find some older ones here.

    I think videos won’t help since it appears pretty random.

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