A Workshop of 300 babies

  • Hey there! Now that I have a little spare time I’ve decided to create a few more items for Chivalry. These are the items I have created so far:

  • Excellent work, very detailed - especialy the gothic maul.

  • I’ve always loved your metal texture. Closest thing to real steel I’ve seen in video games.

  • Beautiful stuff.

  • This looks too good.

  • Those 300 babies sure know how to do it right, great job!

  • Sword of War in progress:

  • It’s finished but I can’t seem to upload it, I keep getting this error message instead:

    WSTOOL: Failed OnShareDummyFile
    Error uploading file. Make sure you got a valid connection to Steam.

    Any idea what’s going on?

  • Could be that the Workshop servers are down. Just try again later.

  • Still getting the same error while it seems to work for others. Weird.

  • The workshop tool seems to be very picky with special characters in the description. Try putting a placeholder and changing it once uploaded. Could also try uploading an archive in case you’re trying to upload the .upk package itself.

  • I put the .upk into an archive and it worked like a charm… didn’t need to do that before. Strange, but fair enough.

  • A really beautiful design 300 babies,you will make many enthusiasts of authentic weapons really happy. I think there’s two things your weapon could use to make it really exquisite.

    -Your blades material is really nice, but a bit clean on the surface details. Those little color differences you made on your previous longsword,was what made that blade surface really look cool. This blade could use a little of that.

    • The layout of materials on the sword guard and hilt sorta get lost at a distance. Like the hilt for example could have some of its elements separated a bit by removing the leather, aka the black from some areas. Like the top,middle and bottom ridge of the hilt for example. If those were metal it would help give the hilt a little more definition at a distance. When its all black, it sorta blends in at range and it would be a shame to lose that detail.

    • The shell looking part on the sword guard seems a but odd, is that part of the swordguard? Or a separate piece? Most swordguards ive seen are all metal,so having that leather there seems a bit odd.

  • The diffuse texture of the blade looks very similar to the one used by the longsword. One thing I noticed though is that the spec really lacks contrast.

    I guess that’s due to the different workflow (Dürer sow: blade diffuse made by hand, entire rest by Substance Designer; XII longsword: everything done by hand). Until now I thought it was just the lack of a fuller that made the blade look a bit ‘meh’ in comparison. Thanks for the hint.

    And I have to admit the handle does look a bit dull. Sometimes I rely too much on concept photos instead of using my imagination. But I can think of something cool, gonna try that out later.

    As for the leather thingy on the base of the blade, that’s supposed to be a rain guard: Cluny, Svante Nilsson

    Thanks for your comment, let’s see what I can do to improve this wallflower a bit. :)

  • Hey man i checked out your changes and the blade looks ace now. The hilt while a bit more worn still is sorta flat. Some sort of weathering on the leather in areas could help it look a little more used and help it look less flat. But maybe i dont see it,do you render your screens all within UDK? I can see in game,that hilt looks much more brown in the leather bits.

  • I’ve tried a few things and eventuelly returned to the orginal look. Improved it, though, it doesn’t look as flat as before and I got rid of the blank black areas. Maybe the difference is not that obvious when looking at the pictures, but it looks much better in movement IMHO.

    A helmet for the mason knight, early WIP:

  • Top notch work in here! Keep it up!

  • Quality stuff!

  • …another one…

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