Chivalry with a CSGO case and skin system

  • Hey guys! How would you feel if Chivalry got a skin and case system like Counter Strike Global Offensive has? I would think that there would be a lot more skins being made and it would attract people that like trading and opening cases, or in the case of chivalry it would be chests, and collectors of the sorts. And with the extra revenue, Torn Banner would be able to add more content and release more patches. If you guys like this idea then let TB and Valve know!

  • I say… No way josé! I think this would be an awful idea. I like things the way they are.
    The whole case and skin market on CS:GO is just a con in my opinion, a pit trip that encourages you to play the game more and more, even when you are bored you still seek that false sense of achievement/reward and play the game anyway. Like putty in the devs hands…

    My two cents, think on Bubbles, think on.

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