VIP Game Type

  • We already have the king, now we just need the old two side maps.

    In case anyone is new to the concept, both teams would try and kill each others king. Once they do, the team loses spawn capabilities and can be wiped out to gain victory.

    To avoid one player getting stuck sitting around all game as a king, they could implement the current throne room system where the king doesn’t spawn until they break through a certain part of your keep.


  • i have had ideas of escorting a royalty (who can’t engage in combat). maybe AI controlled or player. also a king of the hill with kings on both teams. the king would have to be on the so-called hill and if both kings are on, then the team with the largest amount of warriors would be dominating which will result in a lot of killing and massacre. i also think the gamemode strikes a nice balance between defence(defending the king) and offence. another idea i have is to have some VIP’s on each side who isn’t mobile(like the map were the royal families are hiding in closed caves). and the team who killed all of the opponents VIP’s would of course be the winner

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