Continue team chat voice spam in combat.?

  • I have to ask after a quick peak at the team messages on those messages. How are players managing
    to spam them continuously even if fighting.? Are they adding them in the ini files as macro’s , tbh its
    almost become a pandemic now this voice spam esp in when in combat.

  • If you’re talking about the voice commands; that’s pretty easy.
    Afer playing this game for the first 100 hours it was safe to say I mastered the voice commands more than I did the gameplay and frequently got killed because for some reason I figured it more important to yell “Hold Ground!” at dead people than to focus on staying alive.

    As for using the text chat in combat, that’s easy to macro using the console.

  • Yes that whole voice thing, they don’t just spam one voice message but many, even while in combat.
    We had a spurt of players in Q3 long ago using blocks for names. but about 20 of them in a row.
    So as you killed them the entire hud for everyone had this flash looking effect, like a flash from a camera.
    Eventually every other player was doing it, then they started using multi coloured blocks (from character map)
    Like anything in moderations its annoying but then every player started doing it , it became a problem.

    Its annoying to fight a animation breaking gamer type with his bag of tricks , but now they added the
    voice spam to it. grumble grumble hehe.

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