Banned for Unfair(?) reason

  • I have played Chivalry Medieval Warfare for a very long time. I just got to Rank 18 and almost unlocked every weapon.
    I was getting bored one day and just heard about to Cheat Engine so I decided to test it out. I didn’t want to ruin the game for others so I went into a PRIVATE OFFLINE game. Where it’s just you and bots. I enabled speed hack and was like " wow this is cool but this is kinda dumb cuz I didn’t realize the entire game was super speed so I turned speed hack off and went into an online game. I played for a while and then got off. The next day I logged on and bam I couldn’t log in to any VAC secured server. I was VAC banned. I believe I was either banned for

    1. using cheat engine offline game.
    or 2. having it open in the background in the online game because you see i turned off the speedhack but never closed Cheat Engine.
    Please if there is any way to life the ban it would be greatly appreciated. Since then I have burned Cheat Engine to the ground aka deleted it off my computer and will never use anything like it again. I didn’t even find it fun. Thank you for any support on this issue.

  • You were surely banned for #2. Don’t mess with Cheatengine and online games bruh.

  • I got banned for same reason, had CE running in background… sad story, i would like to know how much time is the ban?

  • It’s permanent.

  • @dudeface:

    It’s permanent.

    Really? omg… i was not even using it on CMW T.T

  • @Geloon:

    Really? omg… i was not even using it on CMW T.T

    It’s Steam that detects it and bans you from Steam games, not the individual game. I suspect that Origin and other game portal clients will do the same.

    As Dudeface says, don’t mess with Cheat Engine.

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