The pause variable

  • I recently discovered a pause game thing in one of the ini files. If TB could enable this in the game it would be
    ideal imo. Scrims and refs could pause games for subs, a pub game could be paused while an admin kicked
    a player off preserving quality of game, saving even callvote kicks. I thought It was seen in the pccooked part.
    It was so long ago today I just remembered to make this thread. Lastly a player in a scrim might need to
    tingle. or the door bell goes or phone rings at that moment .

  • Doesn’t it already work?

  • It is already working and being used in scrims.

  • It would be nice to see it done by an admin on a T/O server , while we publically watch them boot a rascal tbh.

  • Everyone would get really annoyed at having to stop to watch someone get kicked. And they might not necessarily agree about that person getting kicked either.

  • @loin:

    It would be nice to see it done by an admin on a T/O server , while we publically watch them boot a rascal tbh.

    Why not take it to the next level?

    Depending on the map they are on, it could switch to a cut-scene for public execution. Like if the ban is enforced on Hillside, the camera slowly fades to black for a moment, then pans over to the gallows by Objective 3 and everyone could watch the offender get lynched. Press LMB to throw rotten fruit/vegetable etc.

  • It doesn’t matter what they think about an admin pausing a game to kick a problematic
    player. Its just I’ve never seen it used on a public Chivalry server, pause/timeout.

    When I ran my Quake live server for near 24/7 , infact two of them underdifferent accounts.
    I used to pause games of ctf. First reason was cheats, or stacked badly sides, Many stat players
    used to sit in spec to join a stronger side. once they had done that I"d pause game, move some
    about for balance.

    I found from experience its usually a trouble makers friends that openly object on server.
    The other players thanks me for running a balanced no cheat server. The best one was
    to mute constantly trolling abuse chat players, then simply kick them off. Why should
    these cheats and insulting chat abusers have any rights at all? especially now days in
    gaming, they actually seem to have more rights then the players they are upsetting
    or trolling. Well not on my servers they didn’t . The botters suddenly played normally
    when I said back in all that hehe. Why it was almost as if they had lost that demi god
    untouchable skill on my return.

    Lastly in Quake you could talk to a player number by his id only. does chivalry have that?
    my private messages from players were very high, thanking me in private for my swift justice.

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