Where is the Euro comp Scene.?

  • Congratulations to the Winners of the Blood and Coin Championship!

    It would be nice to see such things in Euro also tbh. A good comp , with lots of good strong players , with
    the full monty tbh. Perhaps Sneaky Monkeys could get some event going.? Even a collection of new
    clans helping out etc. I expect to see this done by Christmas or no pudding for you Euro clans tbh.

    ps, My inventory could donate prizes also for the event organisers/hosters/prizefund pot tbh.
    contact me via steam nps.

  • Chivalry is dead

  • Lies and conspiracy theories tbh Mr s tbh. Why crush and his band of anarchists might organize some epic Euro events,
    Most of the heavy names from Euro are on that other site I think.

  • Gone 2 years ago

  • Its not really cricket you know or sporting for the Euro not to have even a comp scene tbh

  • The EU comp scene barely exists. Especially compared to what it used to be.

  • So what you mean is the Euro comp scene is in the second class compartment of the train or not even onboard tbh.
    One of you leadership types of pleb must look at the current Euro clans as many new ones are about. Why even
    form a new group and invite all the clan leaders to join ( currently active euro ). Try to recruit old clan players
    who might be still active but roaming about in other modes as solo players atm.

  • Loin lets make a sword clan tournament

  • The player base is there, and the clans are there, but it seems they have no one to guide them. Every time I ask a clan how much they scrim they say “oh we’re just casual, we don’t compete much”.

  • @Knifelegs:

    Loin lets make a sword clan tournament

    An idea that never even cross my mind tbh. My steam inventory of games is large enough to fund a big prize fund tbh.
    12 v 12 T/O on the hill start with the king to defend in throne room? 28 slot server ? first person only , you know
    the finer details for classes and rules they could agree before the launch of comp.

    Why even a 24slot ffa mode , knights only. A round for each weapon say 1 maul round, 2 sow round, 3 freestyle round.
    the free style round would exclude the maul and sow. even the messar, that might need its own round?
    the points scores added up at the end of the three rounds , highest overall points scored get a prize, 1,2 and 3rd place.
    Why even the fourth place could get a small prize. Which would be for best dressed Knight Armour combination tbh.

  • Comp unseen.

  • There has been precisely 3 million comp scene groups with all the clan leaders in them, each group owner trying to seem important by being admin, and all groups have died. On a relevant note, I have never joined any of those groups - perhaps that’s the missing key ingredient c|:^)

  • Well its not Black Sails yet, although its a good pirate boxset. Why not send the second in command
    of each clan into a group for discussions then? They can have an opinion but overall the clan leader
    decides on the information reported back etc. After all you don’t want a group of leaders ending up
    in a macho match in a group.

  • Nobody wants to scrim in case they lose.

  • At least the usa clans don’t have this scaredy-cat problem? After 8 seasons of ctf leagues back in the day not one incident
    was reported of clans demeaning other clans who had lost a match tbh. Players should not feel they are less of a player
    simply due to losing a match. On a good day I have seen div 5 clans take apart a ranked div 1. Then spend the next
    month losing all matches tbh. Yet they became that div 1 clans one weak spot who always lost to them hehe.

  • Due to the overwhelming response I might have to wait another 2 months as the euro lot appear to be buried in shallow
    unmarked plots on boot hill, with no boots I might add. Why even after overdosing on the blue pills and watching all the
    matrix movies, neo did not pm me at all.

  • Is that cmw league site gone also.? Euro phone home hehe.

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