Character model skins

  • Generally I don’t care about skins, seeing as they do not really affect gameplay much.

    Obviously it makes it harder to differentiate teams, but there are ways around this.

    But there is one skin in particular that really bothers me. The mason knight skin that is super shiney black. It was one of the first skins added.

    It looks cheap and unrealistically shiney. But even that does not bother me.

    This is what bothers me:

    It hides blood masks. At least on low settings (my settings). Someone with that skin can have 1 health, and they look almost identical to when they have full health. Being able to determine an enemies health is extremely important.

    Furthermore, it hides weapons animations. Especially certain weapons. Specifically the black messer which was added around the same time. That messer skin matches the character skin perfectly, so you can hardly even see it when it passes in front of the character skin. Also, the messer skin is paper thin, further hiding its animations.

    It also seems like most people who have one skin also have the other, and they spam the hidden animations relentlessly, forcing trades with abundance. I can never reliably take a hit trade kill because I can not guess what health they have.

  • From what I’ve seen, the arms of that armour clip less than the arms of the regular knight as well, which should be an advantage in itself.

  • I just use it so I can be a black knight and because it makes all the helmets look cooler. The Agatha Inquisitor skin is terrible though. And if you’re fighting someone who mainly uses Messer just take comfort in the fact that they’re either playing lazily or try hards abusing OP weapons.

  • I did buy this last year? I thought it was an Agatha’s armour ops. I had noticed even the 1handed messar sword look
    to big and was to powerful, as does the blue norse sword used by the man at arms tbh.

  • +1

    TBS will probably change nothing about this tho.

  • Both the elite knight skins are waaaay too shiny, but it’s not like TB can do anything about it at this stage. The products been shipped, if they get changed post sale people will have a bitch fit.

    All we can really hope for is some actual fucking quality control for the next batch of skyrim mods they put in the game.

  • well at least i know im not the only one being troubled here

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