The missing weapon tiers. Sling, Quarter Staff, And flail.

  • So some ideas for new weapons. That could be implemented while retaining the same loadout screen.

    Sling tier 2. A bolas maybe? Low damage but easy to land hits with. People used these to hunt birds on occasion. This is the medieval shotgun. Also famously used by Slagar in the red wall books.

    Sling Tier 3. I dont know, Rocks would be funny. If you could just chuck endless rocks at people.

    Quarter staff tier 2. I know this is not a a staff, but staff could be the “weird weapons” class. Duel daggers. they would attack from 2 directions like the staff. Deal less damage. But be very spammy. Also everyone would use them so maybe thats a bad idea lol. They had them in the old chivalry game though.

    Quarter staff tier 3. Duel hunting daggers? Cudgels? Help me out people.

    Flail tier 3. Whip. Yep you read it right. A high speed, high range, flinch lords weapon of choice with pitiful damage. The fun you could have with this thing on role play servers…. This is my best idea.

    Well let me know if any of these ideas sound feasible. I know torn banner is probably too busy to code this stuff in. But we can dream cant we?

  • Firebow:

    Also there is the ballista crossbow which players can use.

    Your ‘Stone sling’ is called treb-sling there and was available for players too.
    The trebuchet stones which explode were too strong so only bots use it for now (because they balance it with their awesome ai).
    Will be back for players eventually.

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