There's no server whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • I play this game over 1000hours.
    3 days ago, there’s no server in server browser.

    check server filter
    alternative server browser
    reboot steam and check updates
    reboot my computer
    delete or rename ‘my games’ folder and cache verify
    delete and install entire game
    no beta

    /all of these are bull shit


  • So, you’re getting 0 servers displayed? Did you change any router / port settings recently? Blocked by firewall?

  • Does the Steam server browser work? (View menu -> servers; set filters to Chivalry)

  • Same problem here. Steam servers are seen, but can’t connect to any of them

  • Same problem here. I see 0 servers in browser no matter what I do and no matter what Config folders I change or delete. Steam servers i can see but I can’t connect to any of them - it says connection is lost

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