TO2: Reselecting class causes your character model to change before respawning

  • When playing a TO2 game mode map, such as Crypts, if you open the class selection menu and select a different class from the one you spawned as, it will immediately change your character’s model to match the new class.

    This does not appear to actually respawn you, however, as you retain whatever health and weapons you had. For example, if you were to spawn as a Vanguard initially and then switch to an Archer, you will have the character model of an Archer while carrying Vanguard weapons and having the stats of a Vanguard.

  • Yep, this is annoying. Thank goodness it only changes playermodel and not stats/custom-family actors.

    I’m currently working on a TO2 map/gametype, would be nice if TB could fix this.

  • It turns out you can also change your player model by going in and out of the Customization menu when playing a TO2 map. Thanks Dudeface for pointing this out to me.

    This is particularly unfortunate for my Infection mode maps because players can exploit this to override the undead team’s skeleton model and make themselves appear as though they’re on the living team. I was able to work around the class re-selection bug by taking away the player’s ability to access the class selection menu, but I don’t think there’s any way for me to prevent players from going into the Customization menu.

    Edit: Looks like I might be able to work around this by using Override Pawn Assets instead of Customize Pawn, which seems to prevent these bugs from changing the player’s model. I’ll try using that for the next version of my maps and see if it works.

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