Where to report Harassing and random votekick abusing?

  • Theres this group of people that come on FFA and random votekick me out of the server because they hold a grudge,
    simply because im always on top score.

    I just want to play FFA, … They seem to like votekick abuse?

    Is there any way to report them?
    FFA UK#2

  • Join the Steam Chivalry Admins group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/chivserveradmin
    You can join the chat to hopefully find at least one of us. ;)
    Alternatively, you can “friend” a few of us depending on your region.

    In your particular case, that’d be me, Dudeface/Bear Grylls, Kittyana/Felis Adorabilis, Monkeyfiend, Rolled Armour, Valind, Tummbumm.

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