Chivalry Magically Medieval Warfare

  • Long ago in a galaxy far far away, there was a crystal. This crystal had the ability to grant god like powers to anyone who came into contact with it. However, one day an alien race, terrified with its destructive potential, launched the crystal through space and time where it eventually landed in the territory of Agatha and the Mason Order. This event forever changed medieval warfare and both sides began training their own sorcerers for battle. As if the war wasn’t bad enough already, these sorcerers added whole new levels of violence and devastation.

    Dear Readers,

    Although Chivalry is a near perfect Medieval Combat Sim, (It even has drags and 360 spins like real life.) it is missing one crucial aspect of the Middle Ages preventing it from achieving true perfection.

    I am of course talking about magic.

    The introduction of a mage class is the one thing I think we can all agree Chivalry absolutely needs. With that in mind, rather than waste your time further elaborating why the mage class is an essential addition to the game, let me explain how it will work.

    As it stands, the game has four classes. Knight, Vanguard, Man at Arms, and Archer. In a multiplayer game such as this one, achieving the right balance between classes should be a priority. However, realism is just as significant and for that reason I propose the mage should have the ability to one shot every other class just like it did in real life. The class should also have both long range attacks as well as close range AOE attacks.

    With the damage being settled, we also have to discuss movement. The mage should have a default speed equivalent to an archer but also have the ability to cast a teleportation spell that can instantly move the player to any location on the map.

    That takes care of the major aspects of the class but we also need to consider a special ability that will further make the mage a unique and interesting choice. After a lot of time considering possible options, I decided it would be best to let the rest of the Chivalry community make the final decision on this matter.

    Here are some possibilities I came up with:

    • Necromancy
    • Resurrection Spell
    • Dragon Summons
    • Dragon Mounts
    • Dragon Shouts
    • Invincibility (possibly OP?)

    Let me know what you think on those.

    Finally, there is the matter of finding a suitable voice actor but I will leave that up to Torn Banner.

    Thank you everyone, and feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas you have for this new class in the comments.

    Hopefully we can have it implemented for the next update but quality is of course the more important thing so I request, Torn Banner, that you take your time with this expansion when you inevitably decide to make the mage an official class.

  • They might consider it who knows tbh. I"d suggest you make a mod. The fact is this is incredibly easy to to. The code is
    in place. Back in the day I used to make mods for another game, even using hexshop some times on finer points.
    TB really doesn’t mind mods as a thread is about for mod resources. Ask some of the other successful mod makers
    privately for instruction. nb Steam is also full of mods, scan through those and make contacts, the more the better.

    ps My suggestion would be for a feature that simply tele ports 3 or more players somewhere in the map, to
    surprise the defenders or attackers. It keeps everybody on toes. Imagine a bunch of archers camping on
    the top of some castle tower to suddenly have enemies appear next to them, the horror…the mage/druid
    would pick a small team from your side and teleport them.

  • I think the mage needs a portal spell to add an extra strategic layer. Obviously it wouldn’t be OP because you still need to put your crosshair over the spot where you want to create each side of the portal and would only last 5 minutes.

  • Somebody already made a mod with magic, fireballs etc. Not sure I understand your special ability list - dragon shout?


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