Bow tension

  • My idea for the archer is bow tension. instead of having archers keeping their bows at a constant tension and accuracy, you could put more depth to the system by giving the bow a tension system. an example would be mount and blade. the string needs to be pulled back and tightened, and by that the crosshair changes for increased accuracy. it would give more depth to the class and make it more realistic. if the arrow is released before optimal tension/accuracy, it could do less damage and obviously be less accurate. we have probably all experienced an archer with a cocked bow, just waiting for the moment we lower our shields as we march towards them.

    i’m sure it could be well balanced, and on the other hand there is also a crossbow available for people who dosen’t dig the system.

  • Bows are already well balanced. They’re also rather easy to use as they are. I don think any changes should be made.

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