Uppercut-like or underhand swings?

  • I’ve been searching around forums and youtube and I can’t find or figure out how people are doing this. I’ve only seen it with the Maul and the Double Axe so far but it looks like the swing is starting from down and going upwards and swinging around while the torso is still staying straight…or maybe spinning but it’s hard to tell exactly. It’s definitely not the reverse overhead or rainbow or whatever I’ve seen around. I’ve tried the alt swings and spinning and stuff but still have no clue what it is.

  • On some vanguard weapons (Billhook?) you can ‘alt swing’ by holding left-alt and overheading to get a bottom-to-top swing.

  • It was either ROH, with a Vanguard Pole Weapon or a Mod.

  • The only weapons that have golf swings are Vanguard pole weapons and Samurai/ninja weapons in DW. If you saw a dubaxe or Maul doing it, it was either a mod or you’re seeing shit that isn’t there.

  • This is what they are doing OP: They start a overhead, turn the back to you so it hits you as soon as the attack starts. Slashes and overheads begins at your back.

    Now true underhand attack only true medieval warriors that play vanguard polearm can do.

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