The Earth is not flat teaming in ffa is scorned in other communities

  • Some bits below.

    FPS-deathmatch session is where every player is versus every other player. The game begins with each player being spawned (starting) at random locations—picked from a fixed

    predefined set. Being spawned entails having the score, health, armor and equipment reset to default values which usually is 0 score, full (100%) health, no armour and a

    basic firearm and a melee weapon. After a session has commenced, arbitrary players may join and leave the game on an ad hoc basis

    I was told that the current punishment for teaming in FFA is “kick>kick>kick=ban”. That means that after 3 kicks you will be banned.
    Still, there are a lot of teams, especially when staff is offline, here you can see a video I have made for it:

    Obviously, my channel consists of about 30-35 different teamer videos and in classic Badlion chat you can see “TEAMING IN FFA” a lot.
    There are also a couple of signs in every FFA warning you that teaming is NOT allowed. Also, “FFA” stands for “Free For All”, that clearly means NO teaming.
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    My Suggestion to TB and the Community is below:

    Why not save time , just have Team objective servers and servers running TDM/LTS/FFA modes
    on a rotation then. auto switch modes every 2 maps. No more empty servers for each mode
    you see. Just an abundance of Team objective mode servers and these new ones running
    three modes in one. Why they could free up servers and add more to the T/O mode also.

    The other benefit is players can play with friends on all three modes on one server and team
    to the hearts content.

  • Because 90% of the time I dont want to do anything other than TO.

    TDM is quite pointless - its just a team FFA with no objective (obviously), there is no motivation to do well.

    FFA can be fun but it is really just who has the biggest weapon and can ambush two people attacking each other.

    TO is the best mode (duels are good too for training).

  • This post makes me want to play FFA and team up

  • Well thats what its about melding the FFA/TDM/LTS modes on servers Each mode could change over at 1 to 3 maps etc,
    they can team up in ffa , then carry on in the other modes but on same server. This also free’s up servers that are
    empty , esp TDM and LTS servers those empty ones could be divided by half, adding more T/O servers and the others
    the 3 mode servers mentioned.

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