Introducing: The Friday night |ĶiĻă| THUNDER PUG

  • Friday Night |ĶiĻă| THUNDER PUG

    That is right! Starting this Friday night |ĶiĻă| will be hosting the weekly |ĶiĻă| THUNDER PUG

    We will be hosting an open competitive scrims in PUG style. This is open to all comp players, 24 player, first come first serve, promptly starts at 8pm CST. For the first few weeks we will do traditional pug scrims, battle royale for captains, line up on the barricades on Moor for team selection. Then Kendo for map and team choice. Next up is to play that map twice, switching sides.

    Be prepared to stay focused during the team choices and Kendo so that we can actually get into scrimmaging faster. We will scrim as long as players want to play or until your eyes bleed and or everyone rages quits. Once this weekly event gets going, we will change things up a bit and start playing more custom maps and maps that don’t get a lot of play time. Remember this is for fun and getting to know other members from other clans so try and keep those inflated egos in check and let have some great times!

    I may or may not be streaming. Others are welcome to if they wish.

    Every Friday Night
    8pm CST - 11pm CST or longer

    |ĶiĻă| Thunderdome server

    | Server Name: | |Kila| |
    | Server address: | |

    Pass: thunderpug

    Pass: hit me up or any |ĶiĻă| member that night

  • I’ll see if I can make it out tonight.

    You should also post this on /r/ChivalryGame.

  • I did but not sure if it showed up correctly

  • Thanks to everyone who came and played, this is technically our 3 week doing it but first official. Here is what we did….

    Competitive open scrim with many clans represented.
    Warmup till 28:30
    Merge for Captains @ 29:20
    Kendo @ 36:00
    Map1 @ 44:30
    Map2 @ 1:13:00
    LTS War arena @ 1:35:00
    Smear da queer @ 2:18:30

  • Hop in again tonight! all the same info @ the same time! Should be a blast!

  • How did it turn out?

  • The ThunderPUG is still going strong 7 months later. Come join the fun!

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