About joining a game trough Steam

  • Hello, I noticed a problem…
    When I go to my friends list on Steam and right click someone in game and then hit join game it says server not responding and doesn’t show anything about the game and it won’t let me join the game

    Now i know that i can join a friend’s server through the game but let’s say someone is not in my friends list or i just want it to join right away

    Are you going to fix this?

  • It doesn’t let you view server info but it definitely allows you to join games…I’ve done it quite a number of times.

  • Doesn’t work for me :(

  • Hey I was just about to post this issue. Yesterday I couldn’t have my bro join my game, nor could I join his. I had to find the server through the list, the old fashion way. Every time I tried to a join game through steam friend’s list or accept his invite it would fail to connect every time.

  • Same here… please fix :|

  • Same problem here……it’s a little bit annoying, if you try to play with your friends and everyone has this option but me…


    Edit: Ok, there is one option that works for me. If a friend in your friend list is playing Chivalry and you open the Steam Overlay and try to join his game, it works. Well, it did for me and I’ve got the same problem like you others, so probably it will work for you, too.

  • Still not working…

  • When you click on your friend in your Steam friends list, you should be presented with the option to “Join Game.” once you do so, the game will load up and it’ll take a bit before you actually start travelling to the server.

    Alternate option is just to have your friend invite you to the game and that should work as well.

  • Yes but why does the ingame “friends” tab not work

  • The way it’s implemented right now isn’t working right. It’ll be improved in the next patch.

  • When does the patch come out, the server browse, steam friend none is working and still not working

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