Random Weapon LTS (Custom Map)

  • Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=493728436

    Random Weapon LTS is a Last Team Standing map with a twist. Each round a weapon is randomly selected for each team. Players will be automatically equipped with their team’s weapon when they spawn.

    Console Commands (admin only):

    If you’re logged in as an admin, there are a few extra console commands available when playing this map. These are not at all required to play the map, but are they are there if you want to control what weapons are being selected.

    “causeevent same” - This will cause both teams to use identical weapons. This lasts until the end of the match but can be turned off by entering the command again. (Note: There is still a 25% chance for both teams to use the same weapons even when this is not turned on) This will be replaced with a voting mechanic in a later version (see below).

    “causeevent w_[weapon name]” - Forces the weapon selection for the next round. This works one team at a time so you must enter the command twice to force weapon selections for both teams. Example: “causeevent w_waraxe” and then “causeevent w_fork” to cause the Mason team to use the War Axe and the Agatha team to use Fork for the next round.

    Planned for the next version:

    Voting at the start of the match to select from one of three different modes: Same weapon for both teams, different weapon for each team, or different weapons for each player.

  • Haha, good idea. Should be funny.

  • I played around with it with bots. Very fun game mode.

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