LeaderBoard Bug

  • [Edit by MonkeyFiend. I’m merging all of the PS3 bugs into one thread to make it easier for the devs to search on them]

    PS3 leaderboards are bugged out bad, as to where it displays players as high ranks but when you go into a game you can clearly see they’re not. Someone just passed me up when they were no where near me. The player who passed me up also tried kicking me after I killed him… What a predicament… He also left after he failed at it. There are numbers of players who should not be there and they probably think somehow they’ve earned it, I don’t really think that’s fair… Fingers crossed for you guys to fix it.

  • In Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for PS3 there is a very random veteran helmet bug, as it shows you’re veteran helmet is locked but yet nothing can be unlocked because you’ve already unlocked every weapon for each class. While this happens another main thing happens that is paired with this one; customization is also lost. This has happened to me 3 times now and eventually everything just comes back, whether it be 2 weeks, a month, etc it’s always random. I have to say this has not happened to me for a bit now so what causes it I have no idea I was hoping Torn Banner can figure it out.

  • I have noticed on PS3 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare that in the Team Objective mode, when you hit square to respawn to the next spawn point for the objective it will sometimes respawn the respawn if you know what I mean. You will be running to the objective from the spawn and it will start to do the death respawn countdown. Most of the time it will just do the spawning animation where you’re weapons appear, although sometimes it will make you completely go back from where you started from, thus wasting time taking twice as long to get to you’re team to support them in the battle. Hopefully you guys can fix this.

  • In Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for PS3 there is a bug in duel mode where the right analog doesn’t allow you to turn. Every button functions properly except for the right analog. You are forced to stand there and look like you don’t care you’re opponent is circling around you. So you either die or eventually end up ending the duel. This has only happened to me and others in the beginning of a new round in duel mode. It doesn’t happen to someone who joins a game, it only happens to the one who is hosting the game. So now when someone asks me to duel I have to explain to them one of us have to host a private FFA and the first to 7 kills wins. This has happened since I first downloaded the game in February. I think if you are going to patch anything on consoles, this would definitely be the main one IMO. I hope you guys can fix this for us.

  • In TDM for the PS3 there is a bug where every once in a great while, when you kill players on Agatha they will not respawn like its waiting for the next round. It doesn’t give you a respawn timer like it usually does. It doesn’t happen much but when it does, everybody on that team ends up quitting because they can’t spawn in, hope you guys can fix this.

  • One of my buddies on PS3 got put back all the way back to level 0 from 44, but all of the weapons were still unlocked, don’t know what could have caused this to happen but I know it must be very frustrating because I wouldn’t want to get restet to level 0 all the way from 50, practically 51. Anyways hope you guys can fix this before it happens to others.

  • this happens on PC sometimes too, i tried to find out why but i couldn’t. It lets you join low rank servers when that happens though, and it doesn’t stay reset forever, at least not on pc

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  • Awesome, looks good.

  • :/ just as broken tbh in xbox. Still love the game though

  • Sometimes on the map Battlegrounds, when you are trying to throw a torch on the market ‘stands’ it doesn’t light on fire and you have to throw another one. Sometimes that could be the difference between a win or lose because going back to get another torch can get you killed, but if it’s the last one you needed it’s kinda annoying and unfair. Please look into it Torn Banner. :)

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