Are spears OP?

  • Whilst in a game i couldnt help but notice somone going by the name of Sanguine literally thrusting his spear to a 43 kill count, and not dying more then 6 times. it seemed as though the spear is too fast and doesnt allow for anyone to recover fast enough.

  • It’s more likely people aren’t used to the different timings for the two thrusts you can use (scroll up is fast, scroll down is slow and reaches a little longer). Add to this the jumping animation and the range seems really scary.
    The scroll-up attack is indeed quite fast in both windup and execution, but I wouldn’t say it’s even close to OP. As a Spear-Vanguard I have a really hard time if one of those attacks misses/gets blocked and the enemy gets up in my face. I can kick, of course, but that just resets the engagement and sets me back a lot of stamina – stamina i sorely need if i want to have any success against shield-users (jumping, overhead thrust kills my stamina pool quite quickly).

    If you want to counter these spear-folks, make sure you crouch and look slightly up with your shield to cover a foot-stab AND head-stab. We’re quite locked into our attack so we will rarely be able to hit you from the side all of a sudden.

    Man at arms (the ones that dodge and carry a shield) should not lose to spear vanguards unless taken by surprise or have run out of stamina. We might get lucky and kick you at a wall/another player which shuts your mobility down for a little while, just don’t tempt us with keeping your shield up a lot; that’s just inviting a kick (you can of course also bait a kick this way, so feel free to do so). The MAA’s shields are small, though, so be careful when out of stamina.

    Another thing that really ruins any vanguard’s day is throwables. They make me see red **(**sometimes literally :) )

  • I don’t think spears are OP, I just think it’s particularly difficult (read challenging) to get inside their reach to hit back.
    I think that double-tap, jump move thingy has helped me dodge them and get in range. Oh, that and running like a coward then back stabbing them. :? :)

  • Only thing OP about spears is their unreadable feints.

  • It is really easy to get through with shields and fast weapons, but with two-handers it is fairly hard to block them because they can just feint the moment you start to parry and their long reach allows them to attack again fast.

    I’d say it is balanced, different from the rest of the game, but balanced.

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