• I wish Kimi was still here, but anyway - I am married with the most amazing chinese girl, whom she met online.

    So I thought I would share that with what is left of the original community.

    As for thoughts on CMW, its the only game I play, and as much as I have beaten up or praised TBS it has been because like most of us - we are passionate about the game, and personally looking back and looking forward I believe they have provided incredible value, incredible fun and while nobody will ever agree on any decision, overall they have built a game with lasting effect and amazing value.

    I am interested and will likely buy their next product, but bread and butter, the reason this game was so successful is due to unchallenged melee combat and so if they try something else in the mean time they better prepare to return to this cash cow, this very specific corner of the market with a next generation product that exceeds our dreams and breaks new ground.

  • Did you buy her from one of those shady sites?

  • ^^^. El. Oh. El.

  • no but probably would have been cheaper

  • What ever you’re goal is in life, embrace it visualize it, and for it will be yours.

    From a fortune cookie. Bless you sir.

  • You’ve been overdosing on prawn crackers and lubbery no 47 chicken op tbh

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