Can't shift tab in game?

  • Does anyone have problems in Steam while playing Chivalry, that you can’t shift tab while in game to access overlay?
    If so, know any fixes??
    ( Yes I do have enable game overlay checked on )

    Some days it will work and some days it won’t. I also don’t run the 32 bit version.

    Thanks :D

  • Either run the 32 bit version
    Or start any program with their own overlay after you start chivalry.

    Its a steam related bug to do with 64 bit games and other programs with their own overlays. Such as an FPS overlay. It will prevent you from opening the steam overlay. However if you start that other program with its overlay after you start the game then evrrything all works. It’s wierd.

  • Dxtory causes the same issues for me too.

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